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Find my family

RYF application is compatible on all android platforms. Its user-friendly application helps in locating our friends or family members. Install the app on your mobile phones. Create a family members group. Set a destination in the app to find your family members location. You can locate your family members without disturbing them. This application also provides a feature called voice chat. It helps in sending voice messages to your family members through chat. Chat option is the most important feature provided by the app. It helps to give instructions and navigations to reach our destination. You also can share some valuable information related to your family and keep on reminding them while traveling. You can share information about upcoming Hotels, restaurants, clinics, medical shops, fuel stations, etc. Using the RYF app saves a lot of time during long-distance traveling. Usually, travelers always call their co-travelers to find their location. During the long drives, we come across difficulties in identifying the geographical area. We try to guess the location of our loved mates. Difficult to share the information about the exact location. No clue about the distance from their family members. We keep on calling and disturbing them. Time consumes a lot in identifying the location of our family members. To overcome all these hurdles during our journey, we introduced the RYF application. It’s an application based on geographical maps. This user-friendly interface can be easily accessible by everyone in the family. Stay connected with your loved ones and follow them on the app without disturbing the family members. This app is not only meant for long-distance travelers but also used regularly in our daily life. It helps a lot to monitor and follow our loved ones on a safety purpose. Love and care for our family members will always keep us connected through RYF app.

Safety feature:
SOS Button is an important feature provided by RYF application. At any point of emergency during our journey, press SOS Button immediately. It will trigger your current location with your family members. A notification will be sent to your family members and alert them in an emergency. It’s a safety feature provided by the RYF app. Generally, safety measures are most important while traveling. As travelers may include old aged people, small kids and people with health issues who need help in emergency require SOS Button. Not only during long-distance traveling, but we can also use this option in our daily life in case of an emergency. People with disability, Old aged people, small children, and illiterate people can use SOS Button during an emergency. House wife’s and old aged people staying alone at home also can use the option of SOS Button to notify their family members in case of an emergency.

Favorite Location:
Save your favorite locations in RYF app is another feature, where you can mark various favorite locations. You can save multiple locations in the app like Home, Office, School, etc. You will get notified once they reach their respective destinations. A kind of safety measure you can monitor your loved ones until they reach their destination safely. This feature can be used regularly in our daily life. Like our kids going to school, old age parents going to the office and family members going home after their shopping. You can mark a few specific location areas as your favorite. If required, in future you can reuse the saved location areas from the Favorite Location option in the app. It saves our time in searching again and again for the same locations on the map. Most of the people use this feature to provide accurate location details to their friends or family members.

Share Your Friends Location:
RYF app has an option to share your friend’s location. You need to set a mutual destination and share it with your friend’s. The map will automatically update your friend’s current location. Instead of calling or texting your friend while he is driving, you can monitor him on the RYF app. You can locate him on the RYF app. You also can see the distance between you and your friend. You can see the estimated time for him to reach the destination. This option not only avoids disturbing him while driving but also saves your time in calling or texting him. You can engage yourself in some other important work by the time your friend arrives. The option of Share Your Friend Location can be used if a group of people wants to meet at one specific location by sharing the friend’s location details. The person who arrived first can wait and monitor others on the app instead of disturbing by calling them.

Location History:
RYF app has an option to view all your previous journey’s. There is an option called Location History in the RYF app. Through this option, you can get the history of all your journey’s. You can get the details about your Location, Time, Date and Distance traveled in the past. This feature helps you in your personal life to remember your past journey’s and expenses made. This feature also helps you in guiding others about the travel time and destinations. If you are traveling on the same route regularly, you can compare previous travel history and plan your next trip accordingly to save time and fuel.

Multi-Location Place Alerts:
RYF app provides an option called Multi-Location Place Alerts. Once after pinning multiple locations on the app, family members will automatically get notified about all these locations. Usually, while people traveling on long-distance, they tend to visit various places on the way to their final destination. It’s easy to locate our friends on the map and see where are they exactly located. We can easily make out their time and distance of arrival. We can provide instructions over chat, based on their pinned locations like if their next arriving place is a temple and if the temple seems to be close. We can inform our friends about the temple timings so that they can move on with the next location instead of wasting time.

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