Travel Safety

Marking Your Favorite Location

If you care for your loved ones, definitely you’ll think of safety. Want to monitor their journey, but how? Don’t worry, Install RYF app and keep an eye on loved once till they reach the destination safely.

RYF app provides an option called “Marking Your Favorite Location” in the app. It helps in saving multiple locations on the app and reuse when required. This option in the app, not just save your time but also gives accurate location information. You can rename your favorite locations so that it’s easy to identify and reuse. For example, you can rename different locations for your easy identification as Home, Work, Office, Friend’s House, Kids School, etc.

While traveling on long-distance, we always come across a situation like visiting a particular place. The places could be a good restaurant, your childhood friend’s house, good astrologer, etc. But couldn’t remember at that time due to many reasons like multiple issues running in our mind. Just think, If you have saved that particular location in the app and rename according to your ideology. You will get notified about that place while you pass through. Now it’s up to you to decide whether to visit the location or not.

As a kind of safety measure, you can monitor your loved ones until they reach their destination safely. This feature can be used regularly in our daily life. Like our kids going to school, old age parents going to the office and family members going home after their shopping.

You can mark a few specific location areas as your favorite. If required, in future you can reuse the saved location areas from the Favorite Location option in the app. It saves our time in searching again and again for the same locations on the map. Most of the people use this feature to provide accurate location details to their friends or family members.

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