Mahabubnagar Travel – 12 Best Places to Visit in Mahabubnagar

Mahabubnagar Travel likewise recognized as Palamoor implies a town and headquarters of Mahaboobnagar district of Telangana. The name was modified to Mahbubnagar in 1890. In recognition of Mir Mahbub Ali Khan Asaf Jah VI, the Nizam of Hyderabad. Mahaboobnagar and the neighboring places observed several wars between the 14th and 16th centuries. Explore this lovely trip by managing the travel app. There exist a lot of best sites to visit in Mahabubnagar.

It prevailed a tricky spot to restrain for Chalukyas, Bahmanis, Vijayanagar rulers, and Golconda nawabs. The two powerful rivers of the South, the Krishna, and Tungabhadra River during this region. Though Mahaboobnagar district is one of the most affected districts in India and the district witnessed the mass migration of people to the nearest town of Hyderabad.

History of Mahabubnagar

The Mahabubnagar region obtained previously identified as Cholawadi or the land of the Cholas’. It is assumed that the famed Golconda diamonds including the popular “KOHINOOR” diamond originated from the Mahabubnagar district. Geographically Mahaboobnagar district remains placed on the Southern end of the Telangana area.

Best time to visit Mahabubnagar Travel

You can attend Mahabubnagar completely this year. However, if attending throughout the summer season, the most suitable time to travel architectural marvels is post afternoon, when the climate enhances all the more delightful.

Best Places to Visit in Mahabubnagar

1. Pillalamarri

The most exciting place to view in Mahabubnagar is the legendary banyan tree called Pillalamrri, which lasts about 4 km from the town. There is a grave of a Muslim saint below the tree. The tree grants the appearance of a small hillock with green foliage from away but on moving closer, it seems like a huge green umbrella under which a thousand people can easily take shelter. This is a 700-year-old banyan tree and its branches spread across an area of 3 acres.

In Telugu, “Pillalu” implies children & “marri” indicates a banyan tree. There is additionally an aquarium, a small zoo, and an archaeological museum here. There is a boating facility in the assumptions of Pillalamarri available particularly during the rainy season.

2. Pillalamarri Archaelogical Musuem

Another Impressive thing near Pillalamarri is District Archaeological Museum. It consists of various historical icons & articles of old-fashioned people, which serve their culture & civilization. Unfortunately, because of invasions of various rulers, several of those are destroyed.

3. Mallelatheertham

One of the usual friendly places in the Mahabubnagar is Mallelatheertham. It is a wonderful place to attend for the Lovers of Nature. It is a pleasant waterfall placed in the Nallamala forest region on the way to Srisailam.

4. Alampur

According to the traditions, there exist four doorways to srisailam. This access is themselves a place of pilgrimage. Simultaneous the west is Alampur. The various prominent temples here continue the Nava Bramha temples, A group of nine temples created by Chalukyas. The Nava Bramha temples are placed within miniature.

Toward each side are the temples of goddesses of Kamakshi and Ekamreshwari. These temples are enhanced with complex carvings representing beautiful sculptures of Gods and Goddesses in different forms and postures.

5. Jetaprolu

This place remains famous for the antique Agasthyeswara Swamy temple. Festivals like Sivarathri, Kartiha Pournami, Masa Sivarathri, and Toli Ekadasi are glorified with magnificent enthusiasm. This temple was moved to Jetprole when the Krishna waters advanced to sink the villages behind the construction of the Srisailam dam. The pillars, beams, and the walls of the temple are richly painted with beautiful images.

6. Srirangapur

Here you obtain a Sri Ranganayakaswamy temple developed during the 18th century A.D which implies 100 km from Mahabubnagar. According to a legend, king Krishnadeva Raya once attended Srirangam and wanted to create Sri Ranganayakaswamy temple in his kingdom. One night, he visualized that Sri Ranganayakaswamy told him that, He exists through someplace in his kingdom and an eagle would defend Krishnadeva Raya from that place. On a consequent day, the king restored the eagle and the temple was constructed on the banks of Ratnapushpakarni lake.

7. Somasila

This town stands established 120 km from Mahabubnagar further 10 km from the Kollapuri Someswara Swamy temple. There survive 15 temples, all home Shivalingas where Shivarathri & Karthika Pournami are credited with much enthusiasm. The Pushkar Snanam through the Krishna Pushkaram, which happens once in 12 years, is auspicious. With stunning surroundings, it is likewise an excellent picnic spot.

8. Kollapur

The Madhava Swamy temple near Kollapur was formerly built in the 16th century A.D. The construction of the temple is extremely beautiful. All around the temple walls, the magnificently carved statues represent the 24 characters of Vishnu and Dasavathars of Vishnu. Several pillars holding the mandapa, the Garudalaya, add value to the temple complex. Due to the submergence below the Srisailam project reservoir, this temple was removed and transplanted at Kollapur.

9. Jurala

The Joorala Project has located about 10 km from Kuravapur, Mahabubnagar. It is formed on the Krishna River. The Kurvapur Kshetra River is blending with the water of the Joorala Project. The project was ended in 1995. The Jurala produces a complete reservoir level of 1045 ft and has an adequate capacity.

10. Koilsagar

In Koilsagar Irrigation Project formed to flood. It is now offered to lift water from the foreshore of the Jurala Project. Koilsagar Project to support the ayacut of 12000 Acres including a way ayacut of 7500 Acres and to soak an additional 38250 Acres taking the total to 50,250 Acres under the project.

11. Gadwal

This is located between the rivers Tungabhadra and Krishna covering an area of nearly 800 sq. miles. After the collapse of the Warangal Andhra dynasty in the 14th century. Gadwal shifted its loyalty to the new Bahmani kingdom.

12. Wanaparthy

This is located in Mahboobnagar district with a range of about 640 sq. miles. The Rajas of the Samasthans were intimately connected with the QtubShahi kings. The name “Balwant” was presented on Raja Rameshwar Rao as a mark of honor by Sikander Jah. For regulatory purposes, the Samasthan was split into two talukas specifically “sugar” and “Kesampet” under Tahsildars. The “Maharaja” expired on 22nd November 1922. He remained supported by two sons, Krishna Dev Rao and Ram Dev Rao. Lately, this family was represented in the Indian government next Independence.

Tips For Visiting Mahbubnagar

Do not vandalize the historical sites by engraving your name, other signs, and marks on the walls or rocks; doing so counts as a criminal offense. Do not dirty at any of the temples; they are places of spiritual worship and littering shows disrespect. Take your camera, but do not take photos wherever photography is forbidden.

How to reach Mahabubnagar Travel

By Air – Mahabubnagar Travel

The most imminent airport is the Hyderabad international airport. For travelers who are traveling through the air, the best choice is to take a flight to Hyderabad and then from there use a taxi to Mahabubnagar.

By Train

The Mahabubnagar railway station experiences immeasurable connectivity with the well rest of the country. It is attached by trains to cities such as Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc.

By Road – Travel app

This place is strongly connected to most of the major cities found nearby. There is regular government-run as well as special buses from cities such as Hyderabad Kurnool, Raichur, Mumbai, etc.

Food and Shopping

Both the road to Mahbubnagar from Hyderabad and the city proper produce a broad array of restaurants. Where one goes to satisfy their taste buds in the most excellent of staple Telgu food. There are tangy and flavorful combinations like Sarva Pindi or puntikura chana dal, pachi pulusu as well as bachali Kura. Followed with gratifying millet-based bread in extension to excessive desserts including. But not restricted to putharekulu and all styles of kajjas and laddoos.

Tourist place near Mahbubnagar

Hyderabad Travel is the best tourist attraction to visit near Mahbubnagar. The range between Mahabubnagar and Hyderabad is approximately 88 km.
There exist numerous places for families, young groups of friends, children to senior citizens. Everyone will receive something of their interest in Hyderabad.
This city is a site deserving of visiting at least once in a lifetime. It is unmanageable for anyone to soak in the different charms which the city has to endeavor in a limited period.

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