Hyderabad Travel – 18 Best Places to Visit in Hyderabad

The ancient city concerning Nizam, Hyderabad Travel has its reasonable share of marvels to contribute to tourists and travelers. This city is the ideal combination of busy crowds, old traditions and cultures, marvelous food, and magnificent sights. So, start organizing by using a safety travel app with your family and friends.

Undoubtedly, these imply the reasons why Hyderabad is usually identified as the New York of India. This city continues the perfect example of how modern-day existence and culture go hand in hand with age-old customs and lifestyles.

History of Hyderabad Travel

Established during the year 1591 through fifth Qutb Shahi Ruler Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. The principal city of Hyderabad was organized proceeding the banks of the River Musi. Now recognized being the historic old city, home to the Charminar, Falaknuma Palace, Chowmallah Palace, and Makkah Masjid, it rests on the southern bank of the river.

What is Hyderabad famous for?

Hyderabad remains the capital and most populous city of the South Indian state of Telangana. It was controlled by the Qutub Shahis, Mughals, and the Nizams which formed its antiquity. The city is regarded for its buildings which hold the treasure of Charminar and the fort of Golconda.

Best time to visit Hyderabad?

While organizing a journey to Hyderabad, make assured to hold the weather conditions in mind. Fresh summers in Hyderabad start from May and continue until July. Attempt to avoid these months since Hyderabad is scorching and humid in Summer. The periods within August and October bring in medium to heavy rainfall, and also though the weather is considerably pleasant.

You may be on the drawing side of some heavy downpour, thus making an end to the outdoor activities. Winters near Hyderabad, which start from November and continue till February, is the most suitable time to organize your trip to this place. Marked by cold weather, it is perfect for travel and city shopping. Hence, Hyderabad is most immeasurable sensed from October to March.

Best Places to Visit in Hyderabad

1. Charminar

Charminar is undoubted, the various prominent landmark in Hyderabad. Established over 400 years ago, this iconic four-storied structure constructed in common Islamic style houses a mosque on the first floor. Though there are numerous stories linked to the structure of this monument.

The most commonly accepted one is that Charminar was created to commemorate the eradication of cholera. Another fascinating legend regarding this historic building is that it has an unusual tunnel that attaches it to Golconda Fort. Though the area of the tunnel continues difficult.

While you are near the Charminar area, don’t neglect to treat yourself to a glass of Irani Chai and amazing Osmania biscuits from the nearby Nimrah Café and Bakery.

2. Golkonda Fort

Yet another outstanding historical monument you must attend with your family and kids signifies the Golkonda Fort. The ancient fort commands the city and continues a testimony to the beauty of the past period. Aside from its structural beauty and traditional significance.

Golkonda Fort is further connected with some of the most extraordinary diamonds in the world. For occurrence, the fort was already the address of the fabulous Hope and Kohinoor diamonds, among others. The light and sound show held here every evening is something that you necessary does not miss out on, particularly if you are attending the fort with your kids.

3. Wonderla

If family entertainment acts on your mind, there can be no greater option than Wonderla Amusement Park. One of the several regular family destinations in the city, Wonderla is fun and entertainment redefined!

The amusement park has plenty of land rides and water slides on presentation to hold you completely occupied for an entire day. The Wave Pool and the Rain Dance sections are amongst the most famous attractions of the park. The best part is that the park has many kids rides specially designed to keep the young brigade happy.

4. Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City holds one of the various beautiful family addresses in Hyderabad. A one-of-its-kind charm, it endures the analysis of being the most comprehensive studio complex in the world. The film city possesses starred in several Indian movies. Even the blockbuster movie Bahubali was largely filmed here.

You can travel to some synthetic and natural attractions inside this studio complex that additionally boasts of an amusement park, two hotels, multi-cuisine restaurants, and many permanent sets. Lying across 2000 acres, it is a dream destination for everyone, regardless of age.

5. Nehru Zoological Park

The Nehru Zoological Park stays home to a strange collection of animals, birds, and reptiles. Among the prime tendencies of this sprawling 380-acre park hold the Asiatic Lion, Indian Rhino, Bengal Tiger, Indian elephant, panther, python, and antelopes. With a Jurassic Park, aquarium, tortoise house, butterfly park, and a train, the zoo holds considerable appeal for the kids as well.

6. Salar Jung Museum

Salar Jung Museum considers pride in implying one of the three National Museums in the country. The deep and diverse compilation at the museum encompasses paintings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, carvings, carpets, metallic artifacts, furniture, and clocks from different countries of the world.

7. Chowmahalla Palace

Positioned near Charminar, the Chowmahalla Palace exists a complex of four palaces that obeyed as one of the habitations of the Nizams of Hyderabad. A holiday to the beautiful palace will let you endure the beauty of the Nizams and their excessive way of life.

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8. BM Birla Science Museum

One of the most desirable places to attend is Hyderabad with kids. BM Birla Science Museum involves a science center, planetarium, art gallery, and museum. The dinosaurian is a modern extension to the center and has become an immediate hit among kids in no time. While you are here, inspire your little ones to travel the many exhibits of the museum. They can further improve their information about the universe, stars, and other celestial bodies at the planetarium.

9. Hussain Sagar

Hussain Sagar does a majestic man-made lake created in the shape of a necklace. The lake allows beautiful views of the huge Buddha statue that attains in the middle of the waterbody. It is an excellent target to spend some lovely times with your beloved. To oxidize your romance moreover, you can select a trip on a ferry or a boat and start exploring the magical views of the surroundings. 

10. Ferry Ride, Tank Bund

Tank Bund remains one of the most reliable places in Hyderabad to have a lovely evening with your partner. You can catch a ferry ride to the center of Hussain Lake where the representation of the Buddha stands. A ride protecting the waterbody, with your beloved near you, and the bright lights all nearby can present a surreal feel to the entire experience. Do not drop out at this moment.

11. Durgam Cheruvu

Allocating time together can suggest different things to different people. If your opinion of the same is to sit at a tranquil location. Also, speak to your favorite while staring deep into his/her eyes. Durgam Cheruvu is the absolute address for you. You can likewise gratify in boating with your partner at this location.

12. Moula Ali

Sometimes all you want is a comfortable spot to sit and talk and experience each other’s company. Moula Ali hill is an excellent destination to do that. It is additionally one of the most desirable places in Hyderabad to witness sunrises and sunsets. Organize a first morning or evening date and join the hillside with your sweetheart to get the sun in its beauty. You can likewise visit the popular Moula Ali Dargah that is placed on top of the hill.

13. Lumbini Park

Located toward the banks of the Hussain Sagar Lake. Lumbini Park comprises a place that is commonly visited by the lovebirds of the city. The beautiful ambiance, the peace, and the cool breeze rushing from the lake present. This place is a pleasant spot to visit also to contribute some time with your sweetheart. While you are here, you can likewise go boating with your companion.

14. Snow World

A different amusement park, Snow World is a numerous place where you can freeze out with your company. This park presents you with a marvelous adventure in a sub-zero ambiance where you can produce tons of fun. You can attempt your actions at snow dancing, form a snowman, and employ in other games with your friends. The place additionally has food facilities to take care of your hunger also as you play around.

15. KBR National Park

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park or KBR National Park is a true jungle located in the heart of the actual jungle. The park consists of 600 varieties of plants, more further than 100 species of birds, and around 30 species of butterflies. It additionally has many animal species like the jungle cat, pangolin, small Indian civet, etc. A vacation to the park is an excellent way to restore your mind. It is likewise a pleasant spot where you and your friends can consume some moments in a green environment, which is unique to get to a city.

16. Eat Street

What can be a better idea to consume time with your friends than satisfying in lip-smacking foods? When you need to have some excellent food in a fabulous ambiance, travel out to Eat Street. One of the various famous culinary destinations in the city. Located through the lovely Necklace Road, the food court gives an abundance of options to select from. The most enjoyable part is that you can experience your food while viewing the panoramic Hussain Sagar Lake.

17. Hard Rock Café

How nearly employing an evening with your pals, cracking jokes and smiling out over some finely blended cocktails, live music, and great food? Hard Rock Café, the partying hub of every youth in the city, is the site to be. From plentiful portion sizes to music performances to live games screenings, everything regarding HRC is just cool. No wonder, it is reckoned among the best spots to hang out with friends in Hyderabad.

18. Inorbit Mall

Inorbit Mall includes among the most beloved hangout zones in Hyderabad. The conveniently designated mall contributes a ton of choices in sessions of shopping and leisure activities. At the same time, the place further houses an excellent food court where you can travel to with your friends and take your fill. If movies are on your mind, the multiplex at the mall can provide this requirement of yours easily. This is one address where time utterly seems to fly.

Hyderabad will never stop surprising you with its plenty of attractions. So, check-in at one of the hotels in Hyderabad and perform the most utmost of your visit. And do not – we tell it repeatedly, DO NOT move the city without eating a plate of flavorsome Hyderabadi biriyani!

How to reach Hyderabad

By flight – Hyderabad Travel

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport has placed 22 km from the city and is one of the most reliable aviation amenities in the country. There is immediate flight connectivity from various countries. The domestic connectivity is additionally wonderful with Indian airlines like Air India, IndiGo, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, etc operating from here. There are buses ready at the airport to catch you to the significant points in the city.

By road – Travel app

Hyderabad remains relevant to all the primary Metros by road. The government and private buses operate luxury and ordinary services from all the neighboring States. The Jubilee Bus Station is placed in Secunderabad and operates direct bus assistance to and from Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai. MGBS working in Hyderabad is the biggest bus station in the world. It holds pick-up and drops points from different parts of the city.

By train

Hyderabad is completely related by rail network to all parts of India. Three main railway stations are assisting the city – Secunderabad, Hyderabad, and Kachiguda railways stations. The trains secured for South and North India are found via Hyderabad and move through Secunderabad.

Local transport in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has a really regular transportation system. State transport buses are the common superior and comfortable medium of traveling from one place to another in Hyderabad. Additionally, there are some local trains which combine some areas of the city but they are usually favored by working-class people.

Food of Hyderabad Travel

Hyderabad continues recognized for the beauty, richness, and flavors of the Mughal and Nawabi foods found here. The city additionally promotes traditional and staple South-Indian preparations. The Hyderabadi Biryani does the highlight and the essence of the food here with rich, colorful garnishing and an extensive method of preparation. The food of the city, though houses many more, is practically identical to this dish.

Tourist place to visit near Hyderabad

Nalgonda Travel is a tourist place to visit near Hyderabad. Nalgonda implies a place you require to arrive on your vacation if you look to have a blend of different elements on your tour. Nalgonda remains affiliated amidst magnificent history and the value of various dynasties.

What about the travel app?

A convenient travel companion when you hit the road is the aptly named GoRYF, a trip planning and itinerary app that allows you to plot your next road trip, and helps you find destinations, attractions, and valuable stops along the way. With the help of GoRYF, you can bestow your route and plan with friends and family.

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