Nalgonda Travel – 8 Best Places to Visit in Nalgonda

Nalgonda Travel holds a city in Telangana, including a deep-rooted rich history and correspondingly charming cultural heritage. With its sources going back to the Paleolithic Age determined by sufficient indication excavated from Yeleswaram.  Why so late reach your destination by placing the travel app.  

The city is additionally famous for its rich political taste which was largely placed following the reign of Mauryas. However, it was through the rule of Satavahanas that the deal with the Roman Empire originated. Earlier assigned to as Neelagiri, Nalgonda at present is bestowed with the footprints left behind by various large kingdoms. Also, dynasties called this place their home.

History of Nalgonda

Nicknamed so for receiving a seabed of both entertaining pre-historical sites, aside from a wide historic significance. Nalgonda Travel is an essential town within the state of Telangana. This town receives its name from two Telugu words, ‘Nalla’ & ‘Konda’, indicating ‘Black Hills’.

From the terms of Early Man before the 21st century, there is certainly nothing in times of history, that this town penitentiary boasts of. Moreover, aside from the traditional significance. Nalgonda is likewise noted for its religious identity, influenced both by Hinduism & Islam.

What is the best time to visit Nalgonda?

Nalgonda practices tropical weather situations with normal very hot and dry summers. Monsoon receives normal rainfall while winter season signals for mild coolness. Although the beginning half of the day, despite throughout winters, can be a little warm the cool breeze does evenings and nights greatly pleasant for a journey or simply walking along the streets. Thus, the winter season is confirmed as the best time to visit this city.

Why is Nalgonda famous?

There are several meaningful Buddhist sites of famous heritage importance. The precinct near Nagarjuna Sagar dam, situated in the Nalgonda district of Telangana. Stays home through one of the most beloved Buddhist civilizations in India.

Best Places to Visit in Nalgonda

1. Deverakonda Fort

Shortly under a ruined state, Deverakonda Fort held once-formidable being placed amidst seven hills. The fort might obtain your first choice if you hold an archaeological eye. Built somewhere throughout the 13th and 14th centuries, the fort was completely below the control of Padma Nayaka Kings from 1287 AD to 1482 AD blocking all endeavors made to conquer. Though now in ruins, the fort shows a lot about the magnificent kings of the past.

2. Bhongir Fort

Proclaimed in a sprawling 40-acre land, Bhongir Fort is located on a rock that attains isolated. Found at 500 feet height, the 12th-century fort allows a beautiful view of the city around. It held organized by Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya. The Sixth, and continued called after the king as Tribhuvanagiri. Presently the fort is named Bhongir. You will notice that this fort to be in wrecks as well but whatever is left of it stands proof of the sheer excellence in architecture that the people of the past possessed. The hidden rock that houses the fort stands egg-shaped and the two gateways for the forts are guarded by large-sized rocks. This presented the fort impregnable.

3. Rachakonda Fort

Yet different ruined fort, which occurred at the height of reputation in the past. Referring to the 14th century, the fort still draws visitors in contempt of its broken state. It was created by Recherla Singama Nayak. Some of the fine individuals that highlight the method of Kakatiya architecture are viewed here. The trek towards the fort stands certain to allow some awesome experiences.

4. Mellachervu

Mellachervu village is placed near Nalgonda. The place gains importance as it houses prominent temples, which represent the marvelous design. The temples were built throughout the reign of Kakatiya kings. Out of the different temples presented here, Swayambhu Sambhulingeswara Swami Temple is especially popular essentially the lingam in the temple continues a 2-inch hole. Which is packed with water during the year. The place is therefore called ‘Varanasi of the South. It is further concluded that the temple rises in height and for every foot, it arises, around the line is set.

5. Pillalamari – Nalgonda Travel

This old-fashioned village in Nalgonda is recognized for outstanding temples created during the rule of Kakatiya kings. The temples, though damaged over time due to several factors, still talk of the beautiful architectural style of the Kakatiya dynasty. Chennakesava Swami Temple consecrated to Lord Shiva has attained the analysis of times to exhibit the brilliance of the Kakatiyan style of architecture. The carvings in the temples and the pillars and the wonderful paintings are awesome.

6. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

Telangana owes its great title ‘Rice Bowl of India’ to Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, which represents a principal role in creating the lands of the state fertile. The 124-meter-high dam is the biggest artifact dam in the world. This additionally places third in the most magnificent man-made lakes of the world and it included around 70000 workers to accomplish the project. The dam arrived into use in 1972 after completion in the year 1969. The spectacular architecture included in saving a huge amount of the waters of the Krishna River requires a visit to this place.

7. Ethipothala Waterfalls

Begetting attended Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, it would be stupid to leave out Ethipothala Waterfalls, which is located about 11km from the dam. This 60-meter-high waterfall is gaining in size as a star traveler attraction in Nalgonda. Not only for the spectacular beauty it has to appear but additionally for other attractions it holds. You could find various cave temples encompassing this hillside. It allows excellent scope for trekking and camping. The site houses some crocodile-breeding centers as well.

8. Kolanupaka

Kolanupaka, which remained the capital of the Kalyani Chalukyas through the 11th century, has several charms for minds that explore architectural delights. Kolanupaka Jain Temple is an old-fashioned temple developing over 2000 years. If you prefer architecture, you would love this temple, which represents architectural beauty with beautiful carvings and artisanship.

This temple was restored lately using over 150 artisans from the land of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Other popular temples seen here are Someswara Temple and Sri Veera Narayana Temple. A state-run museum inside the Someswara Temple system exhibits unique individuals that speculate about Kakatiyan architecture.

How to Reach Nalgonda Travel

Nalgonda is thoroughly combined to Hyderabad by rail and road. Frequent rail and bus services practice from Hyderabad to Nalgonda. Buses are being conducted both through private and government owners. Such being Telangana State Road Transport Corporation.

By flight

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport near Hyderabad supports the most adjacent airbase through the city of Nalgonda. Holding an international airport serves to relate the place with various significant cities of the country. The city rests at a distance of approximately 80 km from the airport and can be quickly approached by taxi.

By road – Travel app

Meanwhile, it comes to traveling to the city through road, in that situation, Nalgonda is simply available by a well-maintained system of roads. Frequent buses are operated by private owners and state layers to and fro from Nalgonda.

By train

Nalgonda houses a railway station of its individual established about 3 km from the city. It is well attached to all the significant cities through regular train service. Travelers can avail a taxi or bus from outside the station for the necessary destination.

Food of Nalgonda

Nalgonda city gives manifold choices of restaurants and eating pieces obeying spicy and delicious Andhra food. The city is largely appreciated for its different types of dals (Pappu), curries, and pickles which imply a must-try.

Tourist place near Nalgonda

Warangal Travel is the best tourist place to visit near Nalgonda. The second-fastest developing center of newly-formed state Telangana. Warangal remains famously recognized for the history connected to it. Orukal was the old name assigned to it when it moved to the capital city of the Kakatiyas. A vacation to this sanctuary would stay a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it is an excellent tourist destination for nature lovers.

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