Warangal Travel – 8 Best Places to Visit in Warangal

Warangal is placed under Telangana implies a beautiful city with a marvelous past. We perceive that various places obtain tourists’ thoughts with one or two magnificent spots that are world-famous. On the opposite side, we discover certain places that have traditional importance. Beautiful landscape, and yet are not on the topmost list of tourists’ popular addresses. Just a few places enjoy the most beneficial of both worlds.

They maintain original beauty, man-made miracles and are widely appreciated. Warangal Travel has its energies moving culturally rich and endowed with wealth by Mother Nature. You can visit this place by using a Travel app. If you have insecurities about spending your holiday at Warangal. You will notice that your insecurities were removed once you step into the charming land.

History of Warangal

Warangal and Hanamkonda essentially the legend operate are connected with the dynasties of Great “Vishnukundins”.  Also even before it including the Buddhist periods of Indian History.

Through the Eighth Century A.D. Warangal with the ancient name “Orukal” has been accepted as the Capital City of Yadava king of the Kakatiyas. Or Ganapatis progressing Warangal as Capital City. The title of Warangal “Orugallu” signifies the ideal form of Orukal, the primary designation, the ancient town.

What is the best time to visit Warangal?

Warangal district receives the Sammakka-Sarakka Jatra. It is a semiannual celebration in which roughly 5 million people participate. The most desirable time to visit continues from September to April.

Why is Warangal famous?

Warangal remains a cultural Heritage Site. The second-fastest developing city of newly-formed state Telangana. Warangal is famously recognized for the history connected to it.

Best places to visit in Warangal Travel

1. Warangal Fort – Best places to visit in Warangal

Warangal Fort relates to the 13th century. Meanwhile, it was built by King Ganapati Deva. The fort was thought to signify his second capital. This is the best place to visit in Warangal. The beautiful carved pillars and curves add charm to the fort. The fort houses a temple, which is assigned to Swayambhudevi, Mother Earth.

The fort standing strong was described as the seat of power. The principal fort consists of about 45 towers. The opening of the fort is constructed in South Indian architectural style.

2. Thousand Pillar Temple

Thousand Pillar Temple refers to the 12th century. It is placed near the Hanamkonda-Warangal roadway. The structure reveals the importance of the Kakatiyan architectural style. The temple is devoted to three gods specifically Shiva, Surya, and Vishnu.

The temple receives the name owing to the thousand pillars that are uniquely enhanced and created. Rock cut elephants and the elaborate stonework add value to the temple. Unique statues and perforated screens require special mention.

3. Pakhal Lake – Warangal Travel

Pakhal Lake is a man-made lake thought to have occurred created through 1213 AD. The lake is located amidst green forests and hilly terrain. The 30 sq. km lake allows breathtaking landscapes. The lake has however another tendency in Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary. Which borders simultaneously the shorelines about the lake. A beautiful variety of plants and animals is located here.

4. Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

The village Eturnagaram is a wonderful area in Warangal, which stands amidst dense forest. Including river Godavari flowing close by, the sanctuary allows breathtaking illustrations. You could locate some unusual animals in the sanctuary. Which is one of the freshest sanctuaries built within the country. The animals spotted here embrace tiger, panther, jackals, wolf, deer, sloth bear, and several more.

5. Kakatiya Rock Garden

Kakatiya Rock Garden implies near the spectacular Fort temple. It is one of the famous traveler tendencies in Warangal. Rock statues of several animals such as lions, deer, and antelopes are found here. The garden remains artistically secured with the rocks and plants produced decoratively. The synthetic waterfalls in the rock garden are excellent. Children enjoy the playgrounds here.

6. Kakatiya Musical Garden

Kakatiya Musical Garden signifies located near Bhadrakali temple. The 15 acres of garden draws tourists in large numbers. The musical fountain is an obvious celebration. Produced utilizing a computer. Set facing a backdrop of mammoth rock including an imitation waterfall, the fountain is awesome. Boating remains open here.

7. Bhadrakali Temple

Bhadrakali Temple regards as the 8th century and it is amongst the most beloved temples created for Goddess Bhadrakali. The image of Goddess Kali is blessed in this temple, which is located on a hill. The ancient temple was constructed through the reign of the Kakatiya Dynasty. The creation shows the attraction of the Chalukya architectural style. The rock structures that were usually formed around the temple make the area more comfortable.

8. Ramappa Lake

Ramappa Lake is found near Ramappa temple. It was created over Kakatiya rulers. The scenic lake spreads beyond 82 sq. km and with hill areas at the backdrop, the scenes are spectacular. An excellent place to walk, the lake allows boating equipment as well.

The place is comfortable and you will discover yourself relaxing to enjoy the excellence of nature. Every place here tells you of its ancient past. Have a fabulous time experiencing the tour for your eyes and your interest.

Best Places to stay in Warangal

Warangal produces different budgets and mid-range service options. Summers can receive quite hot so it is desirable to terminate into an air-conditioned room.

Best places to Eat in Warangal

Restaurants in Warangal follow both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus. Though predominantly south Indian, some eateries accept North Indian delights too. The mango pickle followed in Warangal is a specialty and is obeyed with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

Safety Tips for Warangal Travel

  • Warangal encounters remarkably hot summers and it is most satisfying to avoid attending the city at that time of the year.
  • Don’t pack too much cash or expensive jewelry while traveling.
  • Be cautious while traveling around or boating in the water bodies.

How to Reach Warangal – Travel app

Proceeding regularly, there are nearly 273 flights that serve at Begumpet Airport. IndiGo, SpiceJet, and Air India are the various commercial airline brands that fly regularly to this airport.

Besides traveling you can likewise reach Warangal by train. Warangal, Kazipet Jnare some of the various popular train stations in Warangal. On normal regarding 300+ trains pass over Warangal regularly. Vijayawada to Warangal, Hyderabad to Warangal, Khammam to Warangalare some of the various commercial routes to Warangal.

By road, Warangal is enclosed by Karimnagar, Peddapalle, Siddipet which are away respectively. These places are perfect spots for people to organize their little weekend break.

Tourist place to visit near Warangal

Bhadrachalam Travel is a tourist place to visit near Warangal. This can be a delightful place to sense with a share of cases from the Ramayana. A marvelous palace, a lively river, and mystical terrain and surroundings. One of the principal performances of Bhadrachalam is the Sita Ramachandraswamy temple. It can likewise be the host to numerous water sports that gives the river be a delightful experience.

What about the Travel app?

Warangal allows many various methods of transport to any tourist. Auto-rickshaws, buses, and taxis signify feasibly. GoRYF is an app generated for interacting with locals and other travelers. Whether you’re touring or at home. Travelers with children can confront family-friendly meetups. And it’s various ways for solo travelers to gain friends and connect with others. Taxis are the various comfortable and helpful ways of growing around the city.

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