Medak Travel – 6 Best Places to Visit in Medak

Medak Travel remains a municipal town in the Medak district near a span of 100 km from Hyderabad and 66 km from Sangareddy. Sangareddy continues the official capital of Medak district. This remains one of the greatest places to attend near Hyderabad. If you like exploring then this would be the most enjoyable journey for you. Why so late reach your destination by placing a safety app.

Medak performed an essential role in the history of Telangana. Particularly throughout Kakatiya’s rule of Telugu land. It was conducted by several dynasties starting from Western Chalukyas and Nizams controlled the area.

History of Medak Travel

The district received its name from Medak, the next headquarters town of taluk of the identical name. Medak existed formerly acknowledged as Methukudurgam. Which consequently moved into Methuku due to the majority of fine and coarse rice in this area. Ultimately, on the fall of the Qutubshahi dynasty, it was assigned to the Mughal Empire.

It finally passed a part of Andhra Pradesh with effect from 1st November 1956 under the design of Re-organisation of States. The ancient history of Medak district is not clear. Its political history, however, begins with the arrival of the Mouryas who continued their way to the south through the reign of Asoka.

What is special in Medak?

Medak Fort, The Kakatiya emperor, Pratapa Rudra, made the Medak Fort in the 12th century through his reign. Methukudurgam, as it existed before comprehended, has three main ways that are enhanced with various sculptures and one can witness both the Hindu and Islamic styles of architecture combining here.

Best Time to Visit Medak

If we express regarding the rainy season in Medak, this is hard. When it goes to the dry season, it is hot in an oven on all days. Let’s discuss the temperature: there is a change from 61°F to 103°F but unusually it goes down below 54°F or skyrockets to more numerous than 109°F. There exists a shingle or pool score which implies additionally taken into evidence and according to it. The most perfect time to travel to Medak is the months of February, September, October, November, and December.

Best Places to Visit in Medak

1. Medak Fort – Medak Travel

It was signified built by the Kakatiya emperor, Pratapa Rudra in the 12th century. You shall spot three major ways which are adorned with various sculptures as well as you can observe an amalgamation of both the Hindu and Islamic design styles impressed upon here. It is located on a hillock and you cannot miss the powerful appearance of a long canon of 3.2 m which was built by the Qutb Shahi rulers and they additionally have to their credit, the presence of a mosque.

2. Singur Dam – places to visit in Medak

The Singur Dam stands 92 km from Hyderabad, 37 km from Sangareddy, and barely 63 km from Medak. The beautiful travel destination is near Telangana and is constructed across the river Manjeera. The principal determination of the dam is to admit the requirement of drinking water to Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Singur dam started getting into influence in the year 1979 and it was built-in 1989. The lake was given the obligation of taking care of hydroelectricity and displays a storage space of 30 Tmc. These are the best places to visit in Medak. On the edge of Hyderabad, this traveler’s destination is quite common. The river water concerning the reservoir houses various crocodiles.

3. Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

This lake is cradled resembling Pocharam Lake which relaxes across an area of 130 sq. km. It houses a wide diversity of flora and fauna similar to the Brahminy duck, bar-headed goose, painted stork, and several others. It shall magnify your bird spotting abilities. How about getting a glimpse of animals similar to the leopard, forest cat, sloth bear, leopard, Nilgai, wild dog, jackal, wolf, and the Sambar.

Constrain ideas only in November and January so that you can observe this place sparked up with happiness. You can further search into the wilderness and secure a trip to the Narsapur Forest and the Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary which includes an area of 30 and 20 km respectively.

4. Wargal Saraswati Temple

Its place is barely 52 km from Hyderabad, 61 km from Siddipet, and 80 km from Medak. You can tour the agreeable Wargal Saraswati temple reflecting on a hillock at Wargal village within the Medak district of Telangana. These are the several famous temples after Basara. It is additionally considered as one of the several prominent pilgrimage sites nearby Medak and Hyderabad.

Its alternative appellation holds Sri Vidya Saraswati Temple and it held created by Sri Yamavaram Chandrashekhara Sharma. The basis for both the images of Goddess Sri Vidya Saraswathi Devi as great as Lord Shani was active set by Sri Vidya Nrusinha Bharati Swami in the year 1992 and was accurately followed by Kanchi Mutt.

This temple dedicated to Goddess Saraswati Devi is performed glamorous with loads of jewels and garlands and dolled up in a regular attire called saree. The sculpture is 10 ft high which is an excellent piece of architecture and pretty praiseworthy.

5. Archaeological Museum

What could be extra interesting than touring an archaeological museum to dig inside the history concerning a place? You can jump into this place through the Kondapur town of Medak with a beautiful collection of antiquities from the mid-20th century which is gathered from the mining sites at an appropriate Kondapur village and frequently a part of the Satavahana dynasty. It has been falling since 1952 that this special museum has been under the strict management of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).

6. Medak Cathedral

Medak Cathedral accepts as the seat of the popular Bishop. Also, you cannot dismiss the fact that the church resembles gorgeous with its Gothic-style architecture and a 175 ft. high bell tower. The various marvelous fact about the cathedral is that it holds stained glasses which shall grant to you the excellent happening in the life of Christ – the Nativity, the Crucifixion, and the Ascension.

How To Reach Medak Travel

By Air

The nearest airport to Medak ought to be Hyderabad. It is amazing 100 km from the city of Medak. You can simply avail a taxi from Hyderabad airport to Medak. You can simply take buses from Hyderabad to the town of Medak, but you possess to traverse the way from the airport to the bus stop.

By Rail

You shall not notice a particular train station in the town of Medak. The one inside most intimate closeness is in the town of Kamareddy (some 60 km away). The railway station present here is attached with relevant areas of Andhra Pradesh like Hyderabad, Vizag, Karimnagar, and Secunderabad. You can spot buses simply which shall gladly transport you from Kamareddy railway station to Medak.

By Road – Travel app

Deluxe buses are additionally obtainable in Hyderabad and Vizag, though they can be a few precious. Some buses move from the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka as thoroughly that do a good job of taking travelers up to the town of Medak. When it guides over the state government, buses can be availed from every larger town and city up to Medak.

Tourist place near Medak Travel

Hyderabad Travel remains a tourist place to visit near Medak. One of the most desirable places to visit near Medak signifies this town has a lot in store to satisfy your quench for one place with multiple offerings. Be it the traditional places, religious places, or nature’s beauty, Hyderabad owns everything to offer. There are lots of good places to visit in Hyderabad.

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