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Visakhapatnam Travel – 11 Best Places to Visit in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, additionally generally recognized as Vizag. It is one of the greatest port cities in the country. Located inside the heart of Andhra Pradesh. Visakhapatnam Travel remains recognized for its picturesque beaches and peaceful landscape, as strong as its vibrant cultural past. To visit these beautiful places make a trip with your friends and family by using a family safety app.

The port of Visakhapatnam is famous for staying home to the most beloved shipyard in all of India. Found a little distance apart from Visakhapatnam is Araku Valley, one concerning the excellent attractions of Vizag. Located at a lofty 910 meters over sea level. Vizag signifies dotted with several beaches accompanying its coastline.

Best time to visit Visakhapatnam?

The most suitable time to catch a trip to this beautiful place is in the winter season i.e between October and March. The weather through this period is remarkably pleasant and windy. There are significant religious festivals like Visakha Utsav praised from October – December. There is no trace of humidity in the air improving the traveling experience even more. During summers it can receive very torrid which might prevent you from moving out. Hence, summers and monsoon are not perfect circumstances to visit Visakhapatnam.

What is the history of Visakhapatnam?

It was the section of the Kalinga Empire during the reign of Ashoka in 260 BC. It was consequently controlled by the Vangi kings of the Andhra region. The region was next directed by the Pallavas, the Cholas, and the kings of the Ganges. It was the portion of the Vijayanagar Empire in the 15th century.

For which thing Visakhapatnam is famous?

The second-largest town of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam is renowned for its burgeoning steel industry and is additionally home to an international port. But its beautiful natural beauty shows that it is more than just an industrial city.

Best Places to Visit in Visakhapatnam

1. Yarada Beach

A coastal city without a beach is around like breathing without air, that is impossible. Yarada Beach is one of the numerous spectacular beaches near Visakhapatnam. Encircled through hills on three sides, it is followed by the Bay of Bengal n the fourth, achieving this pretty picture you see here. Unlike the different beaches of Vizag, this one is relatively more relaxed and peaceful.

If you can sense the beach at the point of sunset and sunrise, you might be lucky to obtain it without people. You can regularly visit the beach with friends and family. We suggest you trek to the beach because that itself is a different reality altogether.

2. Dolphin Hill or Nose

Dolphin Hill merits a specific mention because of the viewpoints it holds. With travel roads heading to the top of the hill, you should walk to the numerous viewpoints and get amazing photos snapped. It pleasure be deserving all the exhaustion you may feel behind the long walk up the steep roads.

However, the single catch to sense Dolphin Hill is it is inside the bases of the Indian Navy and is massively barricaded. But, thanks to its fame among tourists. So, if you can organize a trip, this tourist place in Visakhapatnam is deserving a visit.

3. Rushikonda Beach

Rushikonda Beach remains one of the numerous beautiful and popular beaches in Visakhapatnam. According to through the city getting nicknamed, ‘Jewel of the East Coast. When it gets to sightseeing in Vizag, you cannot go out of this place.

When you fixed out to travel this seashore, you will be mesmerized by its emerald fresh water and clear sandy shore. Ideal for those long strolls in the evening, it is likewise an excellent spot to just sit and let the cool waves touch your feet.

4. Rama Krishna Mission Beach

Found simply 4 km from Visakhapatnam Railway Station, Rama Krishna Mission beach or RK beach is famous for holding the longest in Visakhapatnam. This beach should remain in the top 5 on your listing of sites to visit in Visakhapatnam.

While the beach is not excellent for swimming, you can perpetually consume some leisure time sunbathing, playing volleyball with friends, or water surfing. The following is desirable to be done under the strict supervision of the authorities. The beach is additionally the place for Visakha Utsav, an annual festival organized by the state’s cultural department. So, on your subsequent visit to the RK beach, do not neglect to explore it in a better light and further soak in a beautiful sunset in the evening.

5. INS Kursura Submarine Museum

One of the most desirable places to attend in Visakhapatnam, the submarine museum is placed on Ramakrishna Beach. A must-visit attraction, the museum deserves a vacation if you are intending to learn more about the Indian Navy.

INS Kursura held a Russian-built submarine, decommissioned in 2001 and turned into a museum in 2002. It leads you on a tour of how the submarines work and what occurs through wartime, with particular stress on the life of submariners, who catch on to the daunting task of being inside during a war. With the help of photographs, artifacts, and written scripts, you can quickly gain penetration into the inner workings of a submarine.

6. Kailasagiri

Kailasagiri is a famous hill station in the Visakhapatnam district placed at a range of approximately 19 km from the main city. Terminated with small hills and beaches, the hill park is at an altitude of nearly 173 meters from sea level. So you can place your eyes on some of the various breathtaking views ever. You can unless going here with your friends, family, or just your passionate partner; the place produces something concerning everyone. From ropeways to trolley trucks for children into a Shiva-Parvati relief for pilgrims, it allows myriad places to see and activities to have.

7. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

If you place in the struggle to travel to Kailasagiri Hill Park, you cannot and should not pass without hitting Indira Gandhi Zoological Park. Found simply 5 km from Kailasagiri, this park is scattered beyond 625 acres of lush greenery. Besides hills encircling the park and ample wildlife inside, it wouldn’t be shocking if you feel you are offending the animals’ natural environment.

All the places till now held either in Visakhapatnam or close to it. Now, we will be leading you over some tourist attractions that are a small further away from the central city yet completely worth it.

If you continue observing places to sense in Visakhapatnam in 2 days, then you should consider Simhachalam Temple, Borra Caves, Katiki Falls, and Araku Valley as each of these needs a couple of hours. And that won’t appear in one day. Additionally, one day of Vizag travel will leave you craving for more amazing locales and views, and these places are here to satisfy your wanderlust.

8. Simhachalam Temple

An 11th-century Hindu temple is applied to the Varaha and Narasimha avatars of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. The design of the temple is majorly Dravidian with different rules of the Kalinga style. From unique carvings on the interior wall to the memorials of Lord Vishnu, everything within the shrine takes one’s fancy. As is the custom in South India, you will notice that the shrine is regularly embraced in sandal paste.

9. Borra Caves

Simply 90 km from the city, these original caves are 705 meters above sea level. Moreover, right in the heart of the caves lie a little shivling. Rise on a precipitous stair and you will find the shrine in the center. Several devotees proceed to Borra Caves just to catch a glimpse of the shivling. Once you have given your regards to Lord Shiva, come out of the caves and dip in the beautiful rock structure and waterfalls here. Plus, there are loads of natural forms here that are a consequence of continuous depletion and the rocks moving carved and shaped by the river. The multi-colored lights installed here freshly make these also better and interesting to look at.

10. Katiki Falls

Katiki Waterfalls is added natural miracle near Visakhapatnam that deserves at most limited one visit. The principal source of water for this fall signifies the Gosthani River. The view of the water falling from an almost-vertical hill. Enclosed by nothing but endless greenery and serenity is something you will never forget. This is the best place to visit in Vizag.  Landed at an altitude of 50 feet, the cascading waters from the falls move for an attractive spot to snap some marvelous shots.

11. Araku Valley – Visakhapatnam Travel

Colloquially recognized as the Ooty of Andhra, the Araku Valley remains an excellent hill station found only a few kilometers from the city of Vizag. Occupied by various tribes, this site is a part of the Eastern Ghats range of India. The area is additionally commercially important since it is drilled for bauxite.

While here, you can catch on a walking expedition between the hills, trek to a cliff, or experience viewing wild and avian life. The valley covers an entirety of 36 kilometers and is 1300 m above sea level.

How to Reach Visakhapatnam

By flight

The town concerning Visakhapatnam remains attached to Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bhubaneswar from the Visakhapatnam International Airport. Experimental results flight costs to Visakhapatnam Airport (VTZ) from principal towns in India.

By road – Travel app

Daily including frequent bus services is available to Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, and Tirupati.

By train

Vizag is properly attached by railway to New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Specific trains remain open daily to all four significant cities.

Food of Visakhapatnam Travel

Visakhapatnam’s menu is a combination of all that’s inside and around. From an extensive South-Indian thali, the neighborhood favorite Hyderabadi Biryani, enhancing North-Indian food to occurrences of fast food and the tangy and tantalizing Andhra food, there is small space transmitted in Visakhapatnam’s platter.

Do undertake the South-Indian savors here such as Dosas, Idlis, and Upmas as strong as traditional items like Murri Mixture, Pickles and Chutneys, Booralu, Pulihara, Appadams and much more. One may additionally necessitate trying Laskora Undalu (coconut laddu) Sunnundallu, Pappu Koora(Lentil-based dish), Vepudu(Fry)- crispy fried vegetables, and Garelu (A type of Vada).

Tourist place near Visakhapatnam

Nizamabad Travel is the nearest tourist attraction to visit near Visakhapatnam. If land includes diversified culture excites you if you are viewing for a get-away destination near nature and if you would prefer to add color to your holiday. Nizamabad is an antique city controlled by different dynasties and therefore it has the importance of various cultures. Nizamabad allows a colorful atmosphere to hold your spirits high on your holiday.

What about the Travel app?

You can travel almost through various buses, auto-rickshaws, and cabs ready for organic commuting. GoRYF means the most reliable trustworthy app for traveling to appear at the targeted area carefully and peacefully with a group of people. This serves you to get the Several reliable Ways to Reach your Friends and Family.  The nearby cities are isolated and free from human intervention. They can be traveled by foot within the various trekking trails.

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