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Papikondalu Travel – 5 Best Places to Visit in Papikondalu

Papikondalu mountain scale operates beside the River Godavari (Western Godavari) and remains found in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. Papikondalu Travel is a clear celebration to the eyes in words of its scenic beauty. While the hills display closer and closer to the visitant. The diameter of the mighty Godavari grows narrower. By this landscape following the central partition of a woman’s hair. It was originally called ‘Papidi’ Kondalu- Papidi in Telugu indicates the central partition of a woman’s hair. So, start planning your trip by using the location-sharing app.

Later, it began to be recognized as Papikondalu in the regional language. The river narrowing, its twists and returns along with the Papi Hills form a breathtaking optical practice. Its value is usually related to that of Kashmir as the area about the ranges is strange and abundant with nature.

What is Papikondalu famous for?

Papikonda National Park expands located near Rajamahendravaram. Papi Hills near East Godavari and West Godavari districts from Andhra Pradesh. It is an Essential Bird and Biodiversity Area and place to some threatened varieties of flora and fauna.

What is the best time to visit Papikondalu?

The most suitable opportunity to sense this region is from October to March. The summers during this region practice high and sticky temperatures. So it is most satisfying to avoid this place throughout this time. From July to September, the monsoon begins, taking in a refreshing environment change.

Best Places to Visit in Papikondalu

 1. The Papikondalu hills

The titles of these mountain meadows are a little quirky, right? Well in Telugu defines the partition in a woman’s hair. The similarity to the equivalent made the locals name it Papi Kondalu Hills. The entire area is so wonderful that it is usually related to the picturesque beauty as witnessed in Kashmir.

The rich greenery and breathtaking landscape make it one of the favorite trekking spots among tourists. The travel packages normally do not involve trekking. So if you need to take it, you have to intend it personally. People regularly go for the Maredumilli to Papikondalu deep forest hike. The path is not easy to cover, hence produce sure you have sufficient knowledge and are fit enough.

2. Gandi Pochamma Temple

This magnificent temple is placed in the village of Gonduru which rests on the bank of the River Godavari. There is boat assistance from Pattiseema which brings you to this temple. Through the daytime, if you attend the temple. The glistening waters of Godavari which can be viewed from the temple will move for a lovely experience. There is a least fee of two rupees at the entry. The goddess in this temple holds several devotees and is deemed very sacred.

3. The Perantapalli Village

This pretty little village is placed near the banks of the River Godavari. The two accommodations that drag several travelers are the Ashram of Ramakrishna Muni and the temple of Veereswara Swami. The community is packed with greenery. The hills encompassing the village and the sense of the river add a strange kind of beauty to the area. You will find calm and peace in the ashrams. The pure air of this place will serve you detox from city life.

4. PapiKondalu national park

Spreading across a wide area, this national park includes over 1000 square kilometers. It is located in the eastern and western districts of the Godavari districts. The Park has many rich flora and fauna. This is the best place to visit in Papikondalu. Moreover, though it was revealed a national park in the year 2008. This recently born nature’s paradise has perpetually remained very rich in biodiversity. It is more satisfying to visit beginning when the park opens at 9 am as you can travel a lot by the time it is time for the park to finish in around 6 pm.

5. The Jammalapuram Temple

Near the center of Jammalapuram, this temple remains a significant attraction. The temple is devoted to Swami Venkateshwara and throughout the principal temple. There are several more miniature temples as well. All these add up to a really pretty experience. Your mind feels at rest in the appearance of the holy goddesses.

Why Papikondalu Travel

This place allows everything the experienced enthusiast in your needs. The Papikondalu environment can signify a few difficulties. With extremely unusual temperatures in the summer months although the winters are especially pleasant. So, if you are intending to attend this wonderful place, winter is the most suitable time.

This place is extremely friendly to nature and the river and hills append on an unconventional kind of aesthetic. With so several places of travel, find love in your inner self here in Papikondalu. The trekking trail can be a little on the stronger side but the tough work is surely worth the beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes that are in store on top. So what are you pausing for? Go get your deserved rest!

How to Reach Papikondalu Travel 

Papikondalu is simple to reach from all the nearby towns. The most next airport and railway station are placed in Rajahmundry, which is proximately 60 km apart. NH-5 passes through it and has great road connectivity with all the significant towns in the region. There are additional boat services obtainable from Rajahmundry, though they are few.

By flight

Located near Madhurapadi, the Rajahmundry Airport is the most touching. Jet Airways and Spicejet are significant airlines implementing proper services. They produce running flights from Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Vijayawada. Taxis can be obtained from the airport to catch you to PapiKondalu.

By road – Travel app

If visiting from the Khammam district, you can employ public transport both bus or taxis to move Bharachalam. From East Godavari district, you can grab a taxi to Rajahmundry. From East Godavari, there implies a 35km ghat road to enter the Papi Kondalu range.

By train

Papikondalu doesn’t possess a railway station; the most approaching railway station is Rajahmundry Station. Which signifies one of the primary stations in Andhra Pradesh. Several trains are relating it to various parts of the country. This is about 150 km from Vijayawada and 220 km from Vishakhapatnam. Taxis are simply available for hire from the railway station to Papikondalu.

Tourist place to visit near Papikondalu

Khammam Travel is the tourist place to visit near Papikondalu. The land was controlled through different dynasties. Moreover, hence the place is colorful and sparkling with life thanks to the addition of diversified experiences. Khammam thrived in art and architecture and it has made a unique place. By illustrating harmony and showing traits of tolerance towards other religions and beliefs. As a tourist destination, the land allows you an excellent experience.

What about the Travel app?

Local buses remain the most inexpensive mode of transport here. However, if you’re time-bound, booking a cab or private vehicle for a day would be more available. You can use the GoRYF app to reach your destination safely.  You can additionally avail yourself of small fare taxis to travel to your planned destinations. To reach the mountains, the boat is excellent and likewise a more exciting route.


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