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Orvakal Rock Garden Travel – Best Place to Visit in Orvakal Rock Garden Travel

Orvakal Rock Garden in Kurnool is apparently one of the scarcely traveled beauties in Andhra Pradesh. Recognized for its natural rock structures, this garden’s appeal to fame obviously happens to be Bahubali. Orvakal Rock Garden Travel various scenes were shot here. But that’s not why we advise you to visit this garden. Use the best of the time, enjoy the road base exerted, and enjoy these alluring shacks and amazing locations by practicing the family safety app.

The rocks are rare silica and quartz forms and it is assumed that these rocks were produced by volcanic eruptions. You’ll see a lake in the center of the garden and it normally takes a little over an hour to travel to this garden. You can perform rock climbing or hike through the complete garden. Begin planning your trip by following the Travel app.

The additional tendencies at Orvakal Rock Garden (more appreciated as Orvakallu) add paddling in the lake, a cave museum, and an animal garden. This animal garden is the place for several metallic animal installations. Which are more generous than life-sized and kids are sure to enjoy them. AP Tourism holds developed the park to provide space for a restaurant (at the opening), and there are cottages dotted exceeding the garden. In the months of November and December, they additionally host a car festival.

What Makes It visit Orvakal Rock Garden

Nature never holds surprising humans with its origins. On every vacation, one appears to discover a new treasure hidden in nature’s casket. One such performance that commands get one’s breath away can be observed in the amazing rock formations in Kurnool, the Oravakallu Rock Garden. This is the best tourist attraction to visit.

The Indian version of the Grand Canyon provides one the pleasure of freedom and experience with beautiful delights, all at the same time.
A pleasant trekking experience through climbs and descents accompanying the rocky trail or the cemented path right to its top ends in a general view of the surroundings which is utterly mesmerizing.

At the center of the hilltop is an animal garden that houses several iron-made animal structures. The area is perfect for a picnic as well. Plenty of A/C and Non A/C rooms can imply availed here. An extra attraction of Orvakal Rock Garden is about the hilltop, where there is an excellent metal animal garden with various healthy animal structures created with iron scraps.

Best time to visit in Orvakal Rock Garden

The shallow time to visit Kurnool is from October to March as the climate is the various pleasant then and the lake is loaded with water that beautifies the beautiful place. It is a wonderful tourist spot to visit. where one can relax and enjoy the peace of the garden; it is a beautiful picnic destination for families apart from the city hustle-bustle. it has likewise become a popular film shooting spot for the Telugu film Industry. Surely, the Orvakal Rock Garden is a miracle in itself, to say the least.

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