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Fieldwork executives monitoring and task assigning tool

Go RYF mobile application provides many features useful for different fields. The multi-location feature helps the manager to monitor their field executives. They can assign tasks and provide other location information while they are on a field job. This application is useful for various field executives like Collection executives, Home loan executives, Document verification executives, Product demo/service executives, Delivery executives, Insurance executives, etc.

The manager, along with his team, should install the application on their smartphones. They can enter multiple locations and also add their co-executives. Once after adding all the visiting places on the app, they can start the task of visiting the field. The manager, along with the team members, can see all the executive’s current location.

This application also provides a chat option. It helps a lot to communicate with each other. They can share the live updates to the manager and their team. The manager can assign the task or additional visiting locations dynamically to the executives. The manager can update the executives through the chat option in the Go RYF application about the Customer information, Customer’s availability, Customer’s current location, current traffic, road closures, changes in the task, Changes in the visiting place, etc. Other team members can also view the updates and act accordingly. This option in Go RYF applications gives a proper communication experience between the Manager, Executives, and other team members.

The manager can assign a new task or new location to the executive while he is on file. This option helps an executive to avoid multiple visits to the same place. This option also helps the team who are nearby the location to visit and complete the task. This application builds team coordination and helps the company in reducing the cost of resources. Executives and managers can save their time in calling the other executives.

Go RYF application will notify managers when the executive reaches the allocated location. So the manager can analyze the duration of an executive to reach the next visiting point. This application solves the major problem of a manager to track and monitor their executives while on the field.

For instance, if a valued customer has given his appointment to the manager. The manager will assign the task to an executive. The executive has to meet the person according to the given schedule. The executive has started early to reach the location in time. As soon as the executive started, his manager receives a call from the person who has given his appointment. He told that he is not available at that location as per the schedule, due to some reason he needs to move to another location.
He also informed the manager, either to cancel the meeting or to meet him at the new location and shared his current location details. Now the manager has updated the same in the Go RYF app. All the team members have received the notification with the new update. The executive who has already started has dropped this visit and moved with the next location. The new executive who is nearby the location given in the update has picked the task of meeting the person at the same time. This approach has reduced a lot of time and disturbance in calling the executives about their current locations. It also serves the purpose of meeting the customers in time and generates good fame and business.

This application is not only useful for the service providing team, but also for the customers who receive the services. Most of the executive jobs are appointment based jobs. Executives will book an appointment in advance to meet their customers. Customers also want to know the executive’s location so that they can schedule their work accordingly. This app will save the time of the customers and executives. They can allocate time to some other work. Instead of calling the executive for his current location and asking him how much time it takes for him to reach the destination, he can locate the executive on the app.

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