Travel Safety

Irritated to answer the phone calls while driving?

Usually, we come across such situations as we are unable to share the information about our exact location. It always happens during long-drives, moving in deserted areas, etc.

RYF application has a feature called Share Your Friends Location You need to set a mutual destination and share it with your mates. The map will automatically locate your buddy on the same.

Usually, people call or text their buddies and disturb them while driving. You can locate him on the RYF app. You also can see the distance between both of you. You can see the estimated time for him to reach the destination. This feature not only avoids disturbing him while driving but also saves your time in calling or texting him. Meanwhile, you can engage yourself in some other important work by the time your friend arrives. We can use this if 2 or more members want to meet at one specific point by sharing the friend’s location details.

If you would like to provide some information or suggestion to your friends who are on the way, you can always use the text or voice chat in the app. Communicating over chat in the group helps in many ways. If 4 or 5 riders would like to meet and all are individual riders. The person who arrives first have recognized that some necessary items are missing, he can pass the message in the group chat so that other persons who are on the way can get it. The person who picks the necessary item first can acknowledge back on the same so that others can ignore and avoid duplicates.

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