Travel Safety

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In this world with fast-moving and updated generation. People are more interested in traveling. Many people travel to get rid of stress from their daily life. People those who want to spend time away from their routine work. They look for places to relax. The destination and mode of travel vary from different age groups. Young people like to travel by bikes and old aged people are more likely to travel by cars. Throughout the journey, travelers face many problems. All the travel plans are based on the schedule. If we waste our time in locating our friends or family members. It changes the mood of the traveler.

Travelers will think of calling or texting the co-traveler to know their friend’s location. Some travelers want to know where they are located and how far they are from their friends or family members. But if they keep on calling the co-travelers. It consumes a lot of time and disturbance while driving. To get rid of all these travel issues. We have a mobile platform to locate our friends or family members.

We have a mobile application called RYF. It helps in locating our friends or family members. We have to install the application and enter our destination by creating a group of all the travelers. It shows the exact location of our co-travelers. This application helps us to locate our co-travelers without disturbing them and act accordingly. It also shows the distance between our co-travelers and distance to reach our destination. It also provides other features like voice-chat. We can give instructions to our co-travelers through the chat option. This feature helps our co-travelers to reach the destination soon and avoid the hurdles throughout the journey. We can share information over chat about available resources throughout the journey.

RYF application is highly recommended for all the travelers. RYF application is not only used to locate our friends and family members. It also has various options like save the location, voice chat, etc. Not just during the travel period, but people also use RYF application for the safety of their family members. They can see whether their kids or old aged parents reach the house safely.

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