Travel Safety

Want to guide others about your trip plans?

RYF app has an option to view all your previous journey’s. There is an option called Find My Location History in the RYF app Through this option, you can get the information about all your journey’s. You can get the details about your Location, Time, Date and Distance traveled in the past. This feature helps you in your personal life to remember your past journey’s and expenses made.

This feature also helps you in guiding others about the travel time and destinations. You can help others with the pro’s and corn’s of your trip so that they can plan wisely. Location history is an option to recollect all your memories during the journies.

If you are traveling on the same route regularly, you can compare previous travel history and plan your next trip accordingly to save time and fuel. The main advantage of this feature is, you can save the locations which you have already traveled for your future use.

Location history also helps us to find your friend’s arrival time. This feature helps us in planing our group meetings. So that we can suggest our friend who stays far to the location can start early.

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