Travel Safety

Multi-location place alerts

Keep your family members informed about your travel plan before reaching the destination. Notify your family members about your break journeys. Want to know the current information on the places, as your friends have already visited and moved on.

RYF app provides an option called Multi-Location Place Alerts. This option helps your friends or family members to know about your travel plan. Once after pinning multiple locations on the app, family members will automatically get notified about all these locations. Your friends or family members can figure out your arrival time, next visiting point, more other areas to be visited based on the app through this option.

Usually, while people traveling on long-distance, they tend to visit various places on the way to their final destination. It’s easy to locate our friends on the map and see where are they exactly located. We can easily make out their time and distance of arrival. We can provide instructions over chat, based on their pinned locations like if their next arriving place is a temple and if the temple seems to be close. We can inform our friends about the temple timings so that they can move on with the next location instead of wasting time.

Multi-location place alerts not only provides your location information with your family members, but it also reminds you about your next point of the visit. So that travelers can follow the chronological order of visiting the places before they reach the final destination.

Some times, travelers find difficulties in judging the distance between two different places. They come to an ambiguous situation to decide in choosing the place to visit first. Taking distance and time into consideration RYF app suggests the most efficient route for a traveler. It also helps in predicting the route deviations and traffic.

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