Travel Safety

SOS Button

When you plan a trip, you also take safety precautions. As a safety measure. RYF app provides an SOS Button available on the app. It helps to notify your friends or family members during an emergency and alert your family members.

Usually, people who travel for long-distance come across situations that they need help. In such emergencies, you can press the SOS Button available on the RYF app and alert their family members with the notifications.

By pressing SOS Button, you can easily send an emergency notification to your friends or family members with your current location. Your friends or family members can locate you on the app and react accordingly.

Not just during long-distance traveling, we can use this feature regularly in our daily life when our kids go to school, parents going to the office, etc.

Not only while traveling, but also can be used by housewives and old aged parents those who are staying at home during an emergency. They can send an emergency alert to their friends or family members during an emergency and get notified them.

By using SOS Button, your family members think that you are in bad need and an emergency. Also, you are unable to communicate with them through chat or text. They will get notified with your current location and react accordingly.

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