Dubare Elephant Camp Travel – 5 Best Places to Visit in Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp is Jungle Lodge found at the riverbank of Kaveri. It rests in Kodagu or Coorg district in Karnataka. A higher Coorg draws on its own. Every year tourists find solace in traveling the various elephant species at this camp. Commence organizing your trip by practicing the best Travel app.

These elephants are in fact, extremely trained by the naturalists or the Mahouts. The somebody who is in command of taking care of tuskers and other elephants. These experts are very well conscious of the history and biology of elephants. visitors from beyond the globe get to know more regarding these elephants’ lives, eating habits, rules, and regulations, etc. If you are an elephant lover then you must visit this place by using the safety app.

The Dubare Elephant Camp is additionally home to abundant flora and fauna. Particularly the animals like tigers, deers, and gaurs. This is the best tourist attraction for elephant lovers.

Best Time to Visit Dubare Elephant Camp

Though the camp is open for the entire year, the most suitable time to visit would be following the monsoon has exceeded. From September to March, the weather is pretty pleasant and suitable for touring around. Due to minor rainfall, travelers would not go through slippery, sticky, or muddy pathways.

Best Places to Visit in Dubare Elephant Camp

1. Kaveri River – Dubare Elephant Camp

Kaveri is that river for which the Kannadigas are extremely sentimental. It’s the fourth-longest river in the whole of South India. Its basin is about 31,334 sq. mi. with about 8 tributaries.

To top it off, every tourist gains relief here by seeing the local fishermen at their work. Other than that, at times, river rafting is additionally allowed. Therefore, those who require brave sports in the summers can try visiting this river, floating nearby Dubare Elephant Camp. This is the best place to visit in the Dubare elephant camp.

2. Kushalnagar

It’s a city on the banks of the Kaveri river in Coorg. And by road, it is about 14-15 KM away from the camp. Area-wise, Kushalnagar is 8 KM sq. With a community of 27,000 people around. Within the languages that locals speak are Kannada, Are Bhashe, and Kodava Takk. Moreover, in many places, tourists can see people speaking simple or weak English or Hindi.

3. Abbey Falls

By road, it will catch an hour or calculated from the camp for the tourists. Requiring to visit this extravagant waterfall in Madikeri. And this fall is likewise recognized as the Abbi Falls by the locals. The waterfall of the lapping water drops down from 70 feet. Constraining the visitors to reach and watch the whole scenario.

Also, this waterfall is snuggled between individual coffee plantations, spice trees, and pepper vines.

4. Nisargadhama

Also Known as Kaveri Nisargadhama, it is a small island in Coorg. It’s a top-class goal for couples and bigger families. As travelers enjoy their quality time here, amid the greenery, boat riding is a different reason for young kids and parents to spend their day.

5. Golden Temple

Simply a 20 KM drive apart from Dubare Elephant Camp, visitors can experience this attraction with their group of friends or travelers. It is estimated Namdroling Monastery. It is a wonderful and peaceful Buddhist Monastery established at Bylakuppe. Wherein the temple has gilded images of Lord or Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha Amitayus, and another Buddhist Gurus.

Tourist Places near Dubare Elephant Camp

Coorg is the Place to sense near Dubre Elephant Camp. Coorg Travel is commonly appreciated as the Scotland of India. Satisfy your desire for adventure as you drive along the misty roads in the winter afternoons around the hills. Though the shade of excitement is unnerving adequately to boost your enthusiasm. Do take care of the safety standards while you enjoy your exciting journey to Coorg.

What about the Dubare Elephant Camp Travel

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