Dandeli Travel – 11 Best Places to Visit in Dandeli

Dandeli is bestowed with dense green forests and stops on the edges of the Kali River. Found on the Western Ghats of Uttara Karnataka. Dandeli Travel is recognized for its numerous fantastic experience opportunities. Dandeli is a heart for river rafting on river kali. Adventure seekers have multiple options such as mountain biking, trekking, cycling, kayaking, and canoeing. This is excellent for nature lovers too as people can spot Bisons and Black Panthers here as well as be amidst beautiful flora as well. Feel this lovely trip by handling the travel app. There exist a lot of best sites to visit in Dandeli.

History of Dandeli Travel

There once lived a little servant of the Mirashi landlords identified as Dandelappa who dropped in love with the lady of the family. The lady further reacted and put forth a proposal to get married to Dandelappa. But the faithful servant declined and in turn incensed the lady by his decision. Resembling for the safety app then this would imply your accurate choice.

The lady later lied concerning Dandelappa to her brothers, claiming that his behavior was improper. Hearing this her brothers refused Dandelappa in a period of anger and sliced him into two. His head and body landed in separate parts where shortly two temples exist in his memory and this is how the town got its name as ‘Dandeli’.

What is the best time to visit Dandeli?

The most suitable time to visit Dandeli is through the winter season. When the weather is comfortable and windy, from October to February is when you can experience your visit to the fullest. Since there is more limited to no rainfall during winter, river rafting and all other water sports appear more fun as well.

Best Places to Visit in Dandeli Travel

1. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary – Dandeli Travel

If you are a nature lover then you should not drop out on traveling the various sights and sounds of the dense forests of Dandeli. Jeep travels in wildlife sanctuaries are an experience of a lifetime where you get to witness. The original habitat of wild animals, strange birds, and unusual reptiles. For venture buffs, Dandeli presents a complete holiday destination.

2. Dandelappa Temple – Best Places to visit in Dandeli

Established in Ganesh Gudi, enthusiasts visit the temple to worship Lord Dandelappa. With the mesmerizing original beauty, the temple’s landscape is an obvious treat for the eyes. Myth has it that whoever prays here his/her wishes are achieved.

Tourists can attend any time of the year but the various preferred period is October to February. The temple is available throughout the day. This is one of the best places to visit in Dandeli.

3. Sri Mallikarjuna Temple

Sri Mallikarjuna Temple in Dandeli is deemed one of the most beloved temples of this region and is found in Ganesh Gudi. It is supposed to be better than the Shivaji Fort. A stone found inside the temple states that the land is over. Which this temple is constructed was provided by the Kadamba King Jayakeshi. The usual outstanding feature of this temple is its mind-blowing architecture and brings a large number of pilgrims throughout the year. The “Navarang mantap” located inside the sanctum sanctorum is a top attraction of the temple.

4. Sykes Point

Sykes Point is one of the most immeasurable vantage points found in Dandeli. This top point gives a marvelous view of deep valleys and thickly forested hills forward with the Nagzari River & River Kali confluence. This is the best tourist place to visit on your vacation.

5. Kali River

Placed in the Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka, the Kali River is a spectacle to see for its smooth flow and magnificence. Travel to Dandeli and you are in for some large fun and vacation at Kali adventure camp along the banks of this magnificent river.

The Supa dam lake in Ganeshgudi is a popular attraction. Nature can be used by booking a visit in a bungalow while you revel in a plethora of activities.

6. Kavala Caves

Kavala caves are simple caves found deep inside the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. A by-product of volcanic activity these caves are deemed to be in survival since prehistoric times. Presently the caves are occupied by various snakes and bats. There are additionally recognized as Limestone Caves or Sidda. Visitors require to climb down 375 steps to reach the cave opening where there is a temple. One requires to additional crawl down 40 feet through the winding. Narrow tunnels to observe the Shivalinga made naturally. This is common during Shivaratri when thousands of devotees attend the bulb-lit caves. 

7. Sathodi Falls

Sathoddi Falls is a waterfall created from several unnamed rivers near Kallaramane Ghat, in Uttara Kannada District. The falls are found at a distance of 32 km from Yellapur, Karnataka Kodasalli Dam is additionally an appended attraction. From Dandeli, this place is around 80km. 

8. Anshi National Park

The Anshi National Park is an evergreen tropic rainforest found in the UK district in Karnataka, about 38km from Dandeli. Anshi is located on the Karwar-Londa highway and is a member of the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. The unusual part of the park is that in the whole of Asia black panther is seen naturally here.

9. Ulavi Temple

This temple referring to the Lingayat Community is deemed a very important appeal in Dandeli. In fact, the temple has the samadhi of Channabasavanna who held a revered 12th-century Lingayat saint. 

10. Disney Park 

As the appellation implies, the Disney Park in Dandeli is an all-children favorite. A journey to this town is not perfect without a visit to this park. All children love this park as it’s made nearly all Disney characters you grasp and also those which you are not conscious of.

11. Crocodile Park

The crocodile park in Dandeli originates under the jurisdiction of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. This site is about 3km from the Dandelappa temple and is found on the SH46, Kerward road. Truly, if you stand on the banks of the River Kali there is a fabulous opportunity to spot the crocodiles and also up the island.

Tourist Places near Dandeli Travel

Coorg travel is the Place to visit near Dandeli. Employ the best of the time, relish the road less taken, and enjoy these alluring shacks and wonderful locations around Dandeli.
Dandeli’s travel surroundings possess various best locations.

Meanwhile, other tourist places near Dandeli attract adventure enthusiasts with their different water sports and activities. The greatest of them are not too far from the state it is the best option if you are resembling for a weekend away from the crowd. Meanwhile, other tourist places near Dandeli draw adventure enthusiasts with their different water sports and activities.

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