Coorg Travel – 9 Best Places to Visit in Coorg

Wake up to the essence of tranquilizing coffee. Also, experience the scenic beauty of this misty land of hills and streams. Coorg travel is generally recognized as the Scotland of India. Coorg survives up to its name with a luring amalgamation of history, mouth-watering cuisine. Not simply the scintillating beauty, this dark landscape has a rich culture. Furthermore, a different local clan Kodavas trained in martial arts. Generally known for their hospitality. Begin organizing your trip by following the best Travel app.

Best Time to Visit Coorg

Coorg is one of those places in India where the climate continues pleasantly all over the year. Each season has its charm and will provide you a special reason to visit. Be it summer, winter, or monsoon. Coorg regularly welcomes its visitors and fascinates them with its spectacular beauty. Resembling for the best safety app then this would be your correct choice.

Where is Coorg located? How far is Coorg from Bangalore?

Coorg is a pastoral district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Established on the inclines of the Western Ghats. Coorg is an extraordinary land and including the biggest producer of coffee in Karnataka. This is the best tourist place to visit.

Coorg is placed at a distance of 260 kilometers from Bangalore. Which brings about a 5-hour drive between the two places.

Best Places to visit in Coorg

1. Abbey Falls

Cascading from an altitude of around 70 feet above sea level and huddled amidst rich spice and coffee plantations. The magnificent Abbey Falls is one of the various beautiful and popular waterfalls in Coorg. This fall is supported by the Kaveri River, which cascades over rocky faces. With the flow being at its peak just back the monsoon season.

2. Honnamana Kere Lake – Coorg Travel

Honnamana Kere Lake is supposed to be the biggest natural lake in the Kodagu district. With a temple of Goddess Honnamana found on its serene banks. Honnamana Kere Lake is recognized regularly for its spiritual and mythological significance.

The lake draws many devotees throughout the famous Gowri festival when a pooja is held here. Honnamana Kere Lake moreover drives a myriad of adventure enthusiasts. Who prefer to enjoy fishing and boating here.

3. Raja’s Seat

Also remembered as Gaddige Raja’s Tomb. Raja’s Seat was formed by Chikkavirarajendra back in 1820. In the bygone times, the Raja’s Seat was the commonplace between the rulers of the Kodagu district. Who always sensed this spot with their queens to enjoy the sunset?

Girdled by dignified hills and dense valleys. This vantage point endures as a sunset-watching spot in the modern day. The place is extra encompassed by a breathtaking garden. Which houses musical fountains and bright seasonal flowers.

4. Madikeri Fort

Built back in the 17th century by king Muddu Raja. Madikeri Fort was apprehended by several rulers in the later periods. Due to which the monument passed through numerous changes.

In the modern-day, the Madikeri Fort claims two life-size elephant statues at its entrance. Houses a tortoise sculpture, a church, the Deputy Commissioner’s office. Also, a museum displaying rare collections, on its premises. It additionally has a clock tower, which was attached to the structure in 1933 under the Britishers.

5. Kopatty Hills

Kopatty Hills allows a short, moderate trek, which is associated commonly with its varied landscapes. This off-beat trek leads the hikers through vast stretches of breathtaking coffee plantations. Thick forests, rolling grasslands, silent meadows, verdant valleys, and wandering streams.

The trek is prepared with a plethora of camping sites. Where trekkers can throw their tents and enjoy the night in the arms of mother nature. Some of the best activities that can be experienced at Kopatty Hills. Include sunset watching, jungle walks, village walks, plantation visits, and photography.

6. Honey Valley

Also recognized as Nilakandi Falls. Honey Valley appears to be a 15 feet high, picturesque waterfall, found in the thick tropical forests. With its well-being somewhere in the mighty Tadiyandemol range. This waterfall is a bit of a privately-owned 56-acre resort and allows a marvelous trekking opportunity. There is a 3 kilometers long trek, which guides trekkers to a serene stream, which turns down from the waterfall.

7. Tadiandamol Peak

Perched at an elevation of around 1,748 meters beyond sea level. Tadiandamol Peak appears to be the highest peak of the Coorg district. Moreover the second highest peak of Karnataka state. This is the best place to visit in Coorg.

Giving excellent trekking opportunities to beginners, the trek to Tadiandamol Peak takes you within breathtaking dense forests. One of the major landmarks of this trek is the Big Rock. Which is a great rock at the foothills of the hill, which helps as an ideal camping destination.

8. Namdroling Monastery

Also remembered as Thegchog Namdrol Shedrub Dargye Ling. The Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery was built by Drubwang Padma Norbu Rinpoche back in 1963.

Thought to be one of the world’s greatest education hubs of Tibetan Buddhism. This monastery has a spiritual college and a junior high school. The monastery is likewise home to larger than five thousand lamas of the sangha community. There is including a fully functional hospital on the premises of the Namdroling Monastery.

9. Somwarpet

Somwarpet is identified popularly for its added quality coffee and spice crops. This beautiful area also houses several important tourist attractions of Coorg, including Beelur Golf club.

Tourist Places near Coorg

Dubare Elephant Camp travel is the Place to sense near Coorg. Dubare Elephant Camp receives more than 150 elephants and is a sure-shot way to own fun with your whole family. The place has several well-trained naturalists who can assist you get in close touch with these elephants. Several more wild animals roam in the deciduous forests nearby. In extension, birds alike woodpeckers, peacocks, and kingfishers can also be seen here.

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