Agumbe Travel – 10 Best Places to Visit in Agumbe

Agumbe, usually identified as the “Cherrapunji of South”, is a small village. Huddled in the rainforests of the Western Ghats in Karnataka. Agumbe travel is one of the latest surviving rainforests in India. Which holds an aggregate of around 7,000mm of rainfall annually. Agumbe is located in the Thirthahalli taluk of Shimoga district of North Karnataka. Start your trip to Agumbe with your friends to visit the beautiful locations with the best Travel app.

Agumbe Travel is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Furthermore is famous for its abundant biodiversity, waterfalls, and red-hazy sun-set over the Arabian Sea. Looking for the best safety app this is the best.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of cities, it is India’s one of the greatest places to travel the wildlife and the scenic views of Western Ghats. The main attraction of Agumbe is its dense forests where travelers enjoy trekking, hiking, rafting, and bike-riding.

Which is the best time to visit Agumbe?

October to February is the most suitable time to visit Agumbe. The weather continues pleasantly cold and the temperature drops about 18°C in winter. Since Agumbe is near the coast, the temperature touches 35°C during summers and endures heavy rainfall during Monsoon.

What is famous in Agumbe?

Agumbe is well-known for its western ghats, greenery, biodiversity, and waterfalls. The spectacular illustration of the sunset dip in the Arabian Sea drags tourists in a large number. The Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Agumbe Rainforest Research Center, Jogigundi Falls, Koodlu Theertha Falls, Onake Abbi Falls, Narasimha Parvatha Trek, and Dodda Mane Agumbe are the various visited spots in Agumbe.

Why is Agumbe Travel identified as Cherranpunji of South India?

Agumbe is a tiny village in North Karnataka that holds over 7000 mm of rainfall annually. Performing it the second rainiest place in India after Cherranpunji. That’s why it is named the Cherranpunji of South India.

Best places to visit in Agumbe – Agumbe Travel

1. Sunset ViewPoint

Placed at one of the highest peaks of the Western Ghats. This area is a ten-minute walk from Agumbe village. The point provides a mesmerizing scene of the sun surrounded by the Western Ghats with dark clouds, falling into the Arabian Sea. These are the best places to visit in Agumbe.

2. Barkana Falls – Agumbe Travel

Barkana falls are located in the Ballehali forest region. Which is 10 km from Agumbe village. It is with the ten highest waterfalls in India with a complete height of 850 meters. Tourists can either trek to the waterfall or take the motorable path.

3. Kundadri Hills

It is two days trek to the hills and is regarded as one of the largest hills of Agumbe. The hill holds a Jain Temple and two ponds at its top. Which held built in the 17th century.

4. Onake Abbi Falls

Onake Abbi falls is a 4-5 km trek from Agumbe covering the serene trail of flora and fauna. The trek begins from Someshwar within dense forest and rocky slopes. It needs 1 hour and 30 minutes to arrive waterfall from Someshwar.

5. Jogigundi Falls

It is placed 3 km from Agumbe and is an excellent place to chill with friends. It is a little waterfall with a pond that is supplied with the water of the Malaphaari River. The pond is not so deep, so tourists can jump and swim in the water. This is the best tourist attraction to visit.

6. Rainforest Research Station

It is one of the various modern ecological research institutes in India. The research station was organized in 2005 to keep the south Indian rainforests. It is located inside the Agumbe Reserve Forest at Agumbe in the central Western Ghats.

7. Koodlu Theertha Falls

The fall is found 20 km from Agumbe and is near Sunset View Point. The waterfall is produced by the water of the Seeta River that comes from a height of around 300 feet into a pond. It is a 4kms trek and trekkers can grasp the fall through a bridge built across it.

8. Gopal-Krishna Temple – Agumbe travel

Constructed in the 14th-century, the temple drags tourists with its design and beautiful sculptures. 108 steps are heading to the temple that is created in the name of Lord Krishna.

9. Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary

Established around 20 km from Agumbe. The Sanctuary is a home for tiger, leopard, jackal, dhole (wild dog), king cobra, giant flying squirrel, mouse deer, and additional natural varieties of fauna.

10. Kunchikal Falls

It is a 455 meters waterfall, thought to be more eminent than the Jog Falls. The waterfall is created by the Varahi River. It is the principal source for one of the hydroelectricity projects in Karnataka.

Tourist Places near Agumbe Travel

Kudremukh Travel is the Place to visit near Agumbe and love the best possible spots for a weekend getaway near the state. 

Agumbe surroundings possess various best locations. Most of them are not too distant from the state. Consequently are the best options if you are resembling a weekend away from the crowd. 

Meanwhile, other tourist places near Agumbe attract adventure enthusiasts with their different water sports and activities. 

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