Meenakshi Temple Travel – Best Places to Visit in Meenakshi Temple

Meenakshi Amman Temple, additionally recognized as Minakshi-Sundareshwara Temple. It is one of the most beloved and several prominent temples in India. Found in the city of Madurai, the temple holds a fabulous mythological and historical significance. It is considered that Lord Shiva found the form of Sundareswarar (the handsome one) and married Parvati (Meenakshi) at the site where the temple is currently placed. This was the perfect time to visit with your family. Why so late make a trip with your family by using the best travel app.

This temple is famous for its amazing architecture. Meenakshi Temple was specified as one of the miracles of the world. But couldn’t secure it into the list of ‘Seven Wonders of the World’. However, the temple is surely one of the ‘Wonders of India’. It is furthermore one of the greatest attractions of South India with thousands of devotees thronging it each day. Looking for the best safety app then this would be your correct choice.

History of Meenakshi Temple

The history of Meenakshi Temple records back to the 1st-century C.E. With authorities requiring it to be as beloved as the city itself. It is assumed that Kulashekarar Pandyan, a king who ordered over the Pandyan dynasty. Built the temple as by the instructions provided in his dream by Lord Shiva. This is the best tourist place to visit in Madurai.

During the 14th century C.E, Malik Kafur, a leader of the Delhi Sultanate. Began his army into most parts of southern India and looted several temples including the famed Meenakshi Temple. Valuables, such as gold, silver, and valuable gems were brought to Delhi. Since temples in those days had an excess of valuables.

Most of the temples were demolished and were willed in ruins. When the Vijayanagar Empire took over Madurai after winning the Muslim Sultanate.

The temple held once overgrown by Thirumalai Nayak who ruled over Madurai from 1623 to 1655. Throughout his reign, many ‘Mandapams’ (pillared halls) were made. The temple was then developed by various later Nayaka rulers before the arrival of the British East India Company.

What is special about Meenakshi Temple?

Meenakshi Temple is particularly famous for the tremendous sculpture of the Nataraja, which is mounted on a silver altar. The temple holds a ‘Hall of Thousand Pillars and each pillar is created with various sculptures. Meenakshi Temple holds a pond described as ‘Porthamarai Kulam’ or ‘The Golden Lotus Pond’ in its collection.

What is the best time to visit Madurai?

December to February signifies the winter season and the temperature expanses between 20 and 29 degrees Celsius. It is the best time to visit Madurai as the environment is very comfortable at this time of the year. Summers in Madurai are remarkably hot. The temperature varies between 24 and 34 degrees Celsius.

Best time to visit Meenakshi temple

Madurai Meenakshi temple is thronging with devotees all over the day. The best time to visit the temple is the first morning. More secondary charge and receive good Dharshan of Meenakshi and sundareshwarar. Morning 5 to 6:30 is the opening pooja timing.

Temple Structure of Meenakshi Temple

The temple remains a tremendous area in the heart of Madurai as it covers over 14 acres. The temple is surrounded by huge walls, which were made in response to the invasions. The complete structure, when viewed from above, describes a mandala. A mandala is a construction built according to the laws of equality and loci. There are several shrines built within the temple collection.

Apart from the two central shrines, which are assigned to Sundareswarar and Meenakshi. The temple has memorials devoted to various other goddesses like Ganesha and Murugan. This is the best place to visit in Madurai and further houses goddesses Lakshmi, Rukmini, and Saraswati.

The temple additionally has a devoted pond named ‘Porthamarai Kulam.’ The term ‘Potramarai Kulam’ is a true translation of ‘pond with a golden lotus.’ The formation of a golden lotus is located at the center of the pond. It is stated that Lord Shiva blessed this pond and said that no marine life would grow in it. In Tamil folklore, the pond is supposed to be an evaluator for evaluating the worth of any new literature.

Significance & Worship in Meenakshi Temple

Since Meenakshi is the principal goddess of the temple. The temple implies the importance of women in a Tamil Hindu family. The temple further describes the cordial relationship between Shaivism, Vaishnavism, and Shaktism. The Sundareswarar shrine is appreciated as one-fifth of ‘Pancha Sabhai’ (five courts).  where Lord Shiva is considered to produce shown the cosmic dance.

Worship largely requires rituals and processions. One of the ceremonies includes placing an image of Sundareswarar inside a palanquin. Which is then transferred to the shrine of Meenakshi. The palanquin is carried into the shrine every night and is returned back to the shrine of Sundareswarar every morning. The devotees regularly worship Meenakshi before granting their prayers to Sundareswarar.

Festivals in Meenakshi Temple

Apart from the main festival, which is fundamentally the wedding ceremony of the goddesses. Plenty of other festivals are honored in the temple. Any of certain include ‘Vasantham festival,’ ‘Unjal festival,’ ‘Mulai-Kottu festival,’ ‘Arudhra Dharsan festival,’ ‘Thai utsavam,’ ‘Kolattam festival,’ etc. Each of these festivals owns its private significance and is praised for several months throughout the year. The temple further celebrates the ‘Navarathri festival.’ During ‘Navarathri’ the temple represents colorful dolls which are collectively termed ‘gollu.’ ‘Gollu’ usually carry stories from mythological scenes.

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