Chennai Travel – 15 Best Places to Visit in Chennai

Chennai is one of the largest cities in Tamil Nadu found on the shoreline of Southeastern India. This Chennai travel has absolutely maintained its charisma all through its journey of becoming Chennai from Madras. Chennai is widely recognized for its bold flavors, warm hospitality, and colorful culture that never fails to impress travelers. If you love traveling then this would be the best journey for you. Why so late make your trip safe by using the best travel app.

Chennai is not simply a city of beaches and temples. This city allows you the procurement to fly in the endless sky and sail in the water currents through the friendly sea. If you’re adventuring and have sufficient courage. Then get tied to the harness and jump from the highest mountain peak. Yes, paragliding is a must-try exciting activity over here. Looking for a location-sharing app then this would be your correct choice.

Apart from this various other adrenaline-rushing pursuits like river rafting, surfing, and scuba diving are dressed up for the tourist’s Places in Chennai. You can further indulge in rock climbing and camping session to test your adventurous streak.

Best time to visit Chennai

The perfect time to visit Chennai is the wintertime and pre-monsoon season between February and October. During this period of the year, the weather is very pleasant, which provides you an opportunity to explore this city at its best. Summers can be scorching and very harsh as the temperature rises up to 40 degrees Celsius. So it’s amplest not to visit Chennai through this season.

Best Places to Visit in Chennai

1. Marina Beach

This is one of the best places to visit in Chennai and your journey to Chennai is inadequate without a stay at Marina Beach. The enthralling sunrises here are no fewer than the magnificent sunsets. This is an accurate destination for any group and a wonderful escape from Chennai’s extreme temperatures. When traveling to this beach, make certain to have a little time on your hand because this is the largest beach in India.

2. Nagalapuram Waterfalls

This popular hill station near Chennai will provide you comfort from Chennai’s hot and humid climate. Nagalapuram Waterfalls is the usually preferred weekend trip among the places to view near Chennai for the greatest people. Whether you enjoy trekking or are a nature lover, this place will be a pleasure for you.

3. Government Museum

The door to this museum will get you on a trip to the artistic richness of India. You can obtain an excellent collection of ancient and modern South Indian bronzes and artifacts here. The Amaravati marble houses and the marble sculptors associated with Gautama Buddha’s life attain out as the best appeal of this museum, making it a good choice among the best places to visit in Chennai.

4. Ashtalakshmi Temple

The peaceful and divine ambiance from this dwelling of the goddess Lakshmi is exceeding words. This temple is expected to worship the eight forms of the goddess of wealth. The most satisfying part of one of the significant places to visit in Chennai is we can listen to the ocean waves’ echoes in the temple association. This place will produce a sense of peace and devoutness.

5. Thousand Lights Mosque

There was a faith in early times that almost a thousand lights were required to light up this multi-domed mosque’s hall. This is why it is called the Thousand Lights Mosque and it lights up the complete Royapettah area. Your face will surely light up while you are nearby the glowing mosque and that’s why it is one of the prominent places in Chennai.

6. Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram is the best place to visit in Chennai. This ultimate jewel of Tamil Nadu is the next holiest and ‘golden city of temples’ in India. Your vacation to Kanchipuram will be enhanced with blessings and peace. The architecturally elegant and splendidly beautiful temples are a pleasure to the spiritual souls. With several beautiful bird sanctuaries and gardens, Kanchipuram is an attractive way to rejuvenate.

7. Valluvar Kottam

Valluvar Kottam is an amazingly designed chariot concerning the most popular Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar. He was a renowned scholar and recognized as a saint. You should visit the place at either sunrise or sunset to get the most satisfying experience of the true excellence and elegance of Valluvar Kottam.

8. DakshinaChitra

Instantly altering to ‘picture of the south’. DakshinaChitra is a combined museum of eighteen houses. What will vacation to DakshinaChitra be like? Well, it will inject you into the lifestyle, architecture, craft, and culture of the leading South-Indian states Tamil Nadu. You will possess a fun time and get to understand a lot about South-Indian states. It can’t know better than that!

9. Mylapore

To encounter the true culture of Chennai, you must spend a visit to Mylapore. It is the artistic hub of Chennai. It is a majestic land of vibrant and vibrant culture with a history of over fifteen hundred years. While observing the years-old history, you can binge eat the various tasty south Indian food. While you are there, you can go to the fabulous temples. Mylapore, a must-visit tourist spot in Chennai, has multiple opportunities for shopping and entertainment, too.

10. Elliot’s Beach

Also remembered as Besant Nagar Beach. Elliot’s beach is one of the cleanest beaches in India. The Ashtalakshmi Temple we read about earlier, is placed to the south of this beach. There is an unbelievable Schmidt Memorial on the beach to memorize the Dutch sailor, Karl Schmidt.

11. Velankanni Church

Not extremely far apart from Elliot’s beach, you will proceed across Velankanni Church. Admiring what performs this church a must-visit? Well, the answer is a peaceful blend of Gothic, Portuguese, and Christian Travel influence. These white structures with high towers complement the wonderful Bay of Bengal behind it utterly. Also recognized as the Annai Vailankanni Shrine. This church individually changes the whole surroundings’ ambiance and loads it up with peace.

12. Guindy National Park

The unique attachment to this city’s structural aura is the Guindy national park and snake park. It is home to several kinds of mammals, reptiles, trees, birds, amphibians, and the likes. This Park is placed in the heart of the city and has an attractive snake park with cobras, pythons, and various other snake species. Seeming for a scene to get the hustle-bustle of the city out of your head? Guindy National Park is your mission.

13. Royapuram Fishing Harbor

At the Royapuram Fishing Harbor, you can get multiple bidders or fishermen shouting to sell the best opportunities in this splendid photographic location. Imagine experiencing the spectacular visuals of the Royapuram fishing harbor while shopping in the popular fish markets there. This fishing harbor can provide more than 570 boats and is placed towards the northern side of Chennai port. This is clearly a key performance for all the fish-lovers.

14. Birla Planetarium

Birla planetarium near Anna university is a various budget-friendly way to allocate time with the moon and the stars. Audio-visual stargazing programs, presentations on the cycle of stars, solar system, comets, moon, and various celestial objects are some beautiful things to do here. It will be a huge hit, particularly with the children. Some things that need a special mention here are the Science on Wheels, Science Park, and Traffic Park.

15. Golden Beach

Last but not least, the last place to visit on your trip to Chennai necessity be Golden Beach. This beach is popular for the large expanding golden sands along the beaches of stunning blue waters. Enjoy the thrilling golden sands at sunset with your cherished ones. Talk about genuine happiness!

Chennai obviously has a lot to offer. When you are organizing your trip to Chennai, make certain to go for a few days and not for a day or two, so that you can attend all the must-visit places.

Tourist Places near Chennai

Bangalore Travel is the Place to sense near Chennai. Owning developed slowly from moving the Garden city to the Silicon Valley of India. Bangalore Travel remains India’s third-largest city. Bangalore is chosen for its sunny weather, lovely parks, and the various lakes here. Bangalore is renowned for its eateries, street food corners, serving cuisines from all over the world.

What about the Chennai Travel

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