Udupi Travel – Best Places to Visit in Udupi

Udupi, additionally popular as the temple city, is a charming town of Karnataka, which is usually patronized by pilgrims. Presenting its name to one of the Indian cuisines, Udupi cuisine today is safety identical to vegetarian food all around the globe. Though the town is famous as a pilgrim city, there are other exciting places to visit in Udupi too. It standing along the coast of India, Udupi has some serene beaches, islands, and other attractions. Read on, to understand the central tourist attractions in Udupi.

Best Time to Visit Udupi

If you are designing a trip to Udupi, then monsoons and winters are a large time to head here. Summers are extremely hot and unbearable so skip the months of March to May. monsoons start in June and remain till September. The land gets green and the scenic beauty increases manifold during the monsoons, giving it a good time to visit Udupi. While winters are the most useful here as the weather is pleasant and it makes Udupi sightseeing easy, both exploring and touring the place. After seeing the beauty of Udupi you will definitely share the location with your friends.

Best Places to Visit in Udupi

Here are the best 15 places to visit in Udupi that you should not avoid on your trip.

1. St. Mary’s Island – A Seashell Heaven

Recognized as Coconut Island, St. Mary’s Island is a collection of four islands in the Arabian Sea off the shore of Malpe. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Udupi, Karnataka. The western coast of these islands is associated to be seashell heaven and one can see seashells of different shapes and sizes accompanying the pretty coast of St. Mary’s Island. One can arrive at the islands through the ferry service which is available at Malpe fishing harbour.

2. Malpe Beach – An Unexplored Territory

If you are a beach bum, then you are conforming to love Malpe beach. It is added as one of the most accurate beaches in Karnataka and is yet an unexplored beach to quite an extent. So, if you are viewing for offbeat places to visit in Udupi, then this is a large beach to go to.
It is a vast holiday destination, apart from the hustle and bustle of the city. As it is an unexplored region, the beach is fresh and pristine. Enjoy seeing a sunset with your partner here.

3. Kaup Beach – A Hidden Udupi Gem

Kaup is added hidden gem that you can attend on your Udupi trip. It is one of the unique tourist spots around Udupi. It is a little 10 km away from the main city and one catch the Mangalore Udupi buses to move here. It is an infinite stretch of sand where one can laze all day long. The scenes of the Arabian Sea are gorgeous from the shore. There is a lighthouse too.

4. Jumadi Islands – Get Ultimate Leisure

Vacations are all regarding resting and unwinding, and there is no greater place to do this than at Jumadi Islands in Udupi. This is a shielded island where one can enjoy the scenic beauty of South India. Coconut trees and emerald waters append to the beauty of this picturesque island. It is a strange place to experience the largest of nature in Udupi. The island additionally has a private beach of its own, creating one’s experience complete and enjoyable.

5. Udupi Sri Krishna Matha – Explore A Positive Energy

Udupi Sri Krishna Matha is a Hindu temple attended by worshipers from throughout the country. Founded in the 13th century, this is one of the best Udupi temples reaching to date. It has serene environs, and one can assume positive energy here. The temple begins at 5-30 in the morning, and there is lunch happened here during noon. Plan your holiday in between these two, for the best temple practice. Close to this central temple, there are many other temples in the area that one can visit here.

6. Barkur – Explore This Quaint Village

Barkur is one of the best places to visit in Udupi in 1 day if you love to explore quaint villages. Famed as the village of temples, Barkur is a great spot to add to your list if you want your vacation to be all about witnessing the beauty of the ancient temples located in the city!

7. Udupi Anantheshwara Temple – A Prime Spot for Locals

Udupi is a land of temples and one of the various patronized ones is the Udupi Anantheshwara Temple. Parasurama is the principal deity worshipped in this temple and he is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. A lot of locals visit this temple and you can quickly get to know about the story compared to it from the locals.

8. Mattu Beach – Take A Relaxing Break

A peaceful beach with crystal clear water, Mattu Beach is one of the several beautiful tourist spots in Udupi. Taking a rest from a busy day and resting at this beach is worth it. Peaceful surroundings, scintillating sunset, and sunrise, and a relaxing swim expect you at this beach.

9. Pajaka – With Great Historical Importance

Another one on our listing of places to visit in Udupi, Pajaka is a quaint village that is of famous historical importance. Sri Madhvacharya, the philosopher of Dvaita was yielded in this village. Some of the areas that you can search in this village are the ancestral home of Sri Madhvacharya, Aksharabhyasa, Dhanus Theertha, and Gada Theertha.

10. Kodi Beach – Best for Beach Games

Visit Kodi Beach to observe the convergence of a river with the Arabian Sea. On this list of places to visit in Udupi, Kodi beach is several interesting ones. To combine the fun element to your holiday then you must stop by this beach to sit and rest or to play beach games. You can pretend volleyball or go for a swim. One of the best things to do in Udupi is working for a family picnic with snacks and drinks while your kids produce sandcastles.

11. Sita River – Rafting on Raging Waters

Another one of the famous Udupi tourist places is the Sita river or Seetha River. Sita river is one of the best spots for enjoying water sports in Udupi. The furious waters of the river are perfect for rafting over a deep stretch. You will transfer some amazing views on your way to the rafting destination.

12. Jomlu Theertha Waterfall – Receive Fresh Vibes

One of the best waterfalls in Udupi, the Jomlu Theertha Waterfall is a wonderful creation of the Sita river placed near Belve village. Amidst the graphic waterfall, you can obtain an ideal picnic spot. The clean water, cool breeze, and tweeting birds fully overcast the surroundings. Refresh yourself by practising a bath and enjoy one of the best tourist places in Udupi.

13. Pithrody Udyavara Beach – A Pristine Land

The Pithrody Udyavara Beach is a unit of the must-visit Udupi tourist areas due to the different landscape it offers. It is a beach that extends between a river and the mighty Arabian sea. You will notice the beach in the small town of Udyavara which can be examined while you drive. Another big reason to visit the beach is due to the secure nature of the beach.

14. Kudlu Falls – Witness the Beauty

This waterfall is further called Sita Falls which is recognized for its picturesque beauty. This waterfall flows downhill towards the Western Ghats from a height of 150 feet amidst the dense forest. The waterfall needs moderate trekking to stand and enjoy the enchanting beauty of the waterfall.

15. Chandramouleshwara Temple – Say Your Prayers

This temple is devoted to Lord Shiva which is 900 years old and attended by many devotees throughout the year. Normally, this temple is sensed before the Krishna temple which is located right next to this temple. It is thought that the temple is older than the Krishna Mutt and allows a peaceful ambience to enjoy a relaxing time.


The land of temples has also more bottom places and attractions that require your attention. You can anticipate having a good travelling experience on your trip.

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