Sirsi Travel – 5 Best Places to Visit in Sirsi

Sirsi is a modest town of Uttara Kannada district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Sirsi travel was likewise recognized as Kalyanapattana through the Sonda Dynasty. If you are a traveling lover then this would be the perfect journey for you. Then why so late reach your destination by placing the best Travel app.

Located at an elevation of 2000 feet. Sirsi is a travel destination that is enclosed by thick forests and towering hills. Sirsi is a place full of wonders and one can attend numerous religious spots, waterfalls. Sirsi is the best tourist place to visit. In the old times, Sirsi was conducted by the Sonda Dynasty and was recognized by the name of Kalyanapattana. The region is additionally remembered for spices such as cardamom, pepper, betel leaves, and vanilla.

Sirsi provides adequate chances to trek on the various hills and mountains that surround the town. All the treks are compensating with scenic beauty or mesmerizing waterfalls. Besides, the dense green forests of the Western Ghats. That envelope the city is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna. By using a location-sharing app you can reach your destination correctly.

Dole, Gaur, Slender Loris, Bonnet macaque, langur, are some of the unique varieties. That can be discussed with a variety of frogs and snakes in the forest. Birds like Ruby-throated Bulbul, Indian Peafowl, owls, doves can be detected rested on trees chirping and making the place lively.

Best time to visit Sirsi

The best time to visit Sirsi is mid-October to March if the climate is comfortable. Due to its location, Sirsi has nice weather virtually all year round. However, the summer sun may get extremely hot for some because of its altitude.

Best Place to visit in Sirsi

1. Marikamba Temple

Marikamba Temple is one of the commonly revisited sites in Sirsi. It was established in the late 17th century devoted to Goddess Durga. This was the best place to visit in Sirsi. Therefore, it is of high religious as well as traditional significance. The idol of Goddess Durga located inside the temple has eight arms and is called Renuka and Yellamma by locals.

During the chariot advance of this beautiful temple in February, tourists and Hindu devotees throng to the temple in thousands. An annual festival is further supported during this festival which is attended by people from all over the district.

2. Unchalli Falls

Additionally, recognized as Kappa Joga, Unchalli Falls is placed on the outskirts of Sirsi amid pretty dense forests and rich vegetation. Therefore, it has grown into a successful weekend getaway over a duration of time. If you are seeing forward to leaving the hustle and bustle of the city. Then you need to visit Unchalli Falls. Gushing down the maximum of higher than 380 feet. This enchanting beauty is placed on the Aghanashini river. If you love taking the captivating beauty of nature. Then you cannot obtain a more desirable place in Sirsi other than Unchalli Falls. There are many places to visit in Sirsi. So, do not miss touring this charming fall while in and around Sirsi.

3. Sahasralinga – Sirsi Travel

Would you love to observe the artistry of the bygone era? If yes, then join Sahasralinga on your bucket list. It is the spot where you can obtain about one thousand shivalingas carved on stones. All of these rocks are located in the course of the Shalmala river. As per local legends, it is thought that these carvings were done by a local who was the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva. However, as per past records, it is assumed that these shivalingas were carved during the 17th century. The orders of Sadashiva Ray Varma, who remained the king of the ruling dynasty.

4. Sodhe

Sodhe is a traditional place near Sirsi and should be traveled by every history lover. It is the spot where you can locate rock art dating back to ancient times. These beautiful models and produced marked over rocks certainly showcase how art increased over a period of time. As it was once below the rule of the Marathas. In the Vijayanagara Empire and the Kingdom of Mysore, you can further observe some ancient monuments here. Even though these age-old beauties are resting in ruins, they still hold a chance to narrate to their visitors.

5. Banavasi

Banavasi is a temple town at a length of about 23 km from Sirsi. The significant reason one must plan a tour of this charming town lies in its traditional importance. Banavasi is supposed to have remained secured in the 4th century when it was the capital of the Kadamba dynasty. Today, the town is a place to many centuries-old temples and some of the oldest monuments. The most famous ones include Madhukeshwara Temple. As it is enclosed by beautiful farms and green vegetation, it performs for a relaxing getaway.

Tourist Places near Sirsi Travel

Jog Falls Travel is the Place to attend near Sirsi. Also love the best possible spots for a weekend getaway near the state. The Jog Falls is possibly the most beautiful part of nature’s majesty. The falls begin from the Sharavathi river and consist of four different parts: Raja, Rani, Rover, and Rocket. The beauty of this landscape is enhanced by the natural beauty of its verdant green surroundings. There are various vantage points from where you can witness the splendor of Jog Falls. 

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