Shivagange Travel – Best Places to Visit in Shivagange

A spectacular peak, a Hindu Travel centre, and an excellent spot for adventure that is Shivagange for you. The scenic beauty of Shivagange is mesmerizing and the rocky terrain is an excellent spot for trekking. The appearance of the hill is like the Shiva linga. A water spring emerges from the mountain which people call “Ganga”, hence the designation Shivagange. This is the best travel centre and you can visit this by handling the Family safety app.

History of shivagange

This place was formerly below the power of Hoysala kings and the queen Shanthala, partner of Vishnuvardhana. Who performed suicide as she did not give birth to a son? The hill was strengthened during the 16th century by Shivappa Nayaka. Resembling for the best safety app then this would be your correct choice. These blocks currently lie in ruins. The founder of Bengaluru, Magadi Kempegowda, further produced improvements to the fortifications and kept a part of his treasure within it.

The divine location of Shivagange

Shivagange additionally goes by the name Dakshina Kashi. Due to the appearance of several temples that appends to the divinity of the location. Temples located here hold Patalagange, Sri Honnadevi Temple, Nandi Statue, Olakal Teertha, and Gangadhareshwara temple.

The rock-cut sculpture of Nandi (also identified as Basavanna) is a significant attraction here. The statues are created on the steep rocks, and a model is one of a kind. Other temples that can be visited here are Sharadambe temple, Sri Honnaedvi temple, and Sri Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple.
On the auspicious occasion of the Sankranti festival, Sri Gavi Gangadhareshwara and Sri Honnadevi’s (Parvathi Devi) marriage function is conducted, when the holy water from the river Ganga pours down from the rocks above when the marriage is said to be done.

The ideal time to Visit Shivagange

During rainy seasons the abrupt rocky terrain is slippery. Summers are extremely hot to feel. The winter season is the perfect time to visit the shrine and undergo the breathtaking view from the top.

Experience adventurous ecstasy at Shivagange

The mountain peak presents a huge adrenalin rush to the adventure seekers. The mountain is perfect for rock climbing. The man-made steps to the temple perform the journey to the head quite easier. The ascent is quite tiring about 800 m. The climbing is quite more comfortable as safety rails are presented in the steep areas. Monkeys are seen in most of the places here. The pictorial view from the top, near the Nandi statue, is fascinated and enchanting. The fresh blow of the wind and the picturesque beauty of the villages below is quite enticing.

The architectural splendour of Shivagange

The marvellous architecture of the temple is alluring. The rock-cut statue of Nandi is repeatedly one of a kind, with an excellent location for the statue. The Shiva Parvathi statues outdoor and the cave temple etc. are mind-blowing creations. The temple is created out of stones and gives a representative structure. The stone carvings represent ancient temple architecture.

Best Places to Visit in Shivagange

1. Gangadhareswara Temple

The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple is placed first throughout your uphill climb. The low-roofed temples are illuminated with light from an earthen lamp. This is the best place to visit in shivagange. Which is the unique source of light inside the temple. As Per the traditional tales, when the Poojas are performed with ghee, the ghee tends to butter.

2. Olakala Theertha

Little additional in the rise, you find this theertha, where the spring continues amidst the rocks. The spring is divine.

3. Nandi statue

The rock-cut steps leading up the hill leading to the Nandi statue. The statue is the most leading point on the hill and the view of the statue is right at the abrupt part of the hill.

4. Shanthala Point

The point is found on 500 meters’ uphill land is recognized for the breathtaking view from this point. The place is called after the great Bharatanatyam dancer and the queen Shanthala Devi. Who meant the wife of Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana. The locality of the hill is where she performed suicide.

5. Patala Gange

The term “Patala” indicates underground. The spring that flows from the underground of the hill is described as the Patala Gange. The water level holds replacing which is a myth. The sanctum of the temple can be arrived at only by crawling down within the tunnel. It is understood that the stream of water is connected to Antaragange in Kolar.

6. Trekking in Shivagange

A combination of solid rock structures, Shivagange allows climbers an interesting and tough trek. Being a rocky hill, the climb is hard but thanks to the railings put up all along the way it displays significantly safer.
Every half a kilometre, there’s a food stall so that you can take an energy break from the tiresome climb. There are further temples at frequent intervals that give for good photo ops. More man-made steps are connecting the temples. The last leg of the climb is the most difficult as the hill becomes more perpendicular. The topmost point of the hill has a Nandi (Holy Bull) formed from a single monolithic stone. The climb here is dangerous but is worth the trouble for the view from the top is breathtaking.

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