Rameshwaram Travel – 6 Best Places to Visit in Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram is one of the perfect places in India and is found on a beautiful island. This is separated by a tiny Pamban channel from Sri Lanka. According to the Hindu religion, this is the site where Lord Rama built a bridge over the sea to Sri Lanka. If you prefer Rameshwaram travel then this would be the most enjoyable ride for you. Why so late reach your address by placing the travel app.

Rameshwaram is placed on a beautiful island on the lower side of India. Lord Shiva also is honored in this place. Famous for its beautiful prakaras with heavy sculptured pillars on either side. The Ramanathaswamy Temple houses the highest corridor in the world. Begin organizing your trip by following the best safety app.

Agniteertham is famous for its transparent waters and Travelers conduct poojas in honor of their ancestors at this seashore. The Five-faced Hanuman Temple operates the floating stone which was practiced to build the bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

History of Rameshwaram

During the preceding 15th century, the present-day Ramanathapuram, Kamuthi, and Rameswaram. There were involved in the Pandya dynasty. In 1520 CE, the town evolved below the rule of the Vijayanagara Empire. The Sethupathis, the breakaway of Madurai Nayaks, achieved Ramanathapuram and attached it to the Ramanathaswamy temple.

What is Rameshwaram famous for?

Rameshwaram Temple is famous for being a part of one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in India. The temple is additionally famous for the truth that it’s the southernmost ‘jyotirlinga’ of India. Which presents it as one of the top spiritual places in India.

Best time to visit Rameshwaram?

The most suitable time to attend Rameshwaram is from October to April. However, as great as the climate goes, Rameshwaram encounters a tropical climate. This suggests the though the seasons considerably vary, the temperatures may not. This performs Rameshwaram a destination that can be toured all year round. This is the best tourist place to visit.

Winters (November to February) are excellent and the temperature comes feathers to 17 degrees Celcius. This is the various pleasant season for touring and visiting neighborhoods. The Monsoons (July to September) are sticky with medium rainfalls. However, the scenic landscape of the coastal region through these months is enjoyable.

Best Places to Visit in Rameshwaram

1. Rameshwaram Temple

A classic blend of mind-boggling architecture and spiritual significance. Rameshwaram Temple, likewise recognized as Ramanathaswamy Temple of Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It further boasts of holding one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples of India. Not merely religiously, Rameshwaram Temple is fascinating architecturally also. With the highest corridor of the world and stainless carvings on pillars. This is a surprise for your eyes.

The lingam in the Rameshwaram Temple was established by Lord Rama. But, the construction was begun by several leaders over the centuries. This is the best place to visit in Rameshwaram. Inside the temple, there exist pair of lingams- Ramalingam and Shivalingam. The latter is yet worshipped first to preserve the words of Lord Rama. Besides regular Abhishkams and poojas conducted with great zeal, there are interesting festivals worth witnessing.

2. Dhanushkodi

Dhanushkodi endures a tiny, sparsely populated beach city on the coast of Tamil Nadu. In 1964, Dhanushkodi was beaten by one of the worst storms India has ever seen. Ever since then, Tamil Nadu has reconstructed this town to grow one of the most amazing and unusual beach towns of India.

This little town redefines the word isolated. Cut off from the bottom of the world, this town appears clear by time. While the rest of India is competing to get ahead in the race for success. This town looks frozen in history, showing its grandeur and beauty.

3. Glass boat ride at Pamban Bridge

With fascinating fishes and spectacular corals to see. The glass boat ride at Pamban Bridge is a must-do thing in Rameshwaram.

4. Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge

This is the highest bridge in southern India. It attaches to Rameswaram Island over the mainland. It is 7 km beyond Rameshwaram and is likewise called the Pamban Bridge. As it is placed beside Pamban, the divine place where Rama could satisfy the desire of Sita. By throwing an arrow in the area where they could reclaim cool water.

The construction of this bridge has gone many engineers admiring as it stands tall and strong even today. The ships also can pass under the bridge and therefore it is the most comfortable means of commutation.

5. The Five-faced Hanuman Temple

Five-faced Hanuman temple is the various famous temple in Rameshwara. It holds mythological evidence where Hanuman displayed his profile with five faces. He is considered to be adorned with senthooram at this special place.

The statues of all Rama, Laxman, Sita, and Hanuman are arranged in the temple. Also, all hold continued sacredly worshiped and praised to the apex. The real soul of the Gods is thought to have been put into the idols and this provides a very mystic feel to it. There is floating stone outside the temple which was practiced to build the bridge on the sea as directed by our Indian mythology.

6. Agnitheertham

The Agnitheertham is one of the several major theerthams and sustains a huge number of tourists each day. Located approaching the beachside of Sri Ramanathaswamy temple. Agnitheertham is the single theertham sited outside the temple complex.

In the Sanskrit language, the term Agni means fire; while the word theertham signifies holy water. Agnitheertham has continued mentioned many times in the old texts and mythological legends. As a trip of vital importance among the Hindus. The devotees attending the theertham submit their prayers to the goddess and atone their sins by practicing a dip in the holy waters.

Tourist Places near Rameshwaram

Madurai Travel is the Place to attend near Rameshwaram. Madurai is the following most populous city of the South Indian state, Tamil Nadu. This temple city is located on the banks of the River Vaigai and has remained one of the most beloved cities to be inhabited. In the north of the city occupies the Sirumalai hills and in the south extends the Nagamalai hills.

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