Ramanagara Travel – Best Places to Visit in Ramanagara

The city of Ramanagara is a modern hub of culture in the South. Home to undulating green hills. Ramanagara is encompassed by the peaks of Shiva Ramagiri, Somagiri, Krishnagiri, and Yeti Rajagiri. Revanna Siddeshwara, Sidilakallu, and Jala Siddeshwara. Mysore silk saris are popular beyond the world for their superior texture and quality. Which are created from the silk harvested in these regions. Because of its rich silk harvest, Ramanagara is additionally remembered as the Silk City. You will definitely love this place by visiting here. Practising the best safety app and visiting these beautiful locations can make your trip fabulous.

What is a famous attraction in Ramanagara?

The most famous attraction in Ramanagara is the Janapada Loka, additionally recognized as the “Folk World”. Which is a museum that presents exclusive village folk art and artefacts. The open-air museum further creates numerous folk-based programs completely throughout the year. This is a must-visit for tourists who crave to encounter the culture of Karnataka first hand. Planning a trip by using a location-sharing app can make your trip beautiful.

Best Time to Visit Ramanagara

The Best time to visit the city would remain in the winter months. If the climate is not extremely hot to enjoy the outdoors.

Best Places to Visit in Ramanagara

1. Camping and Adventure Activities

Join a hint of thrill and adventure with one of the best places to visit in Ramanagara that is the camping site of Sholay hills. The campsite sits over 55 acres and gives a wide range of facilities to visitors.

Not simply this but here you can likewise play a lot of sports. Similar volleyball, cricket, and many others will present your day more memorable along with the beautiful surroundings.

2. Night Trek in Ramanagara

Are you a nightcrawler? Catch your nightlife activity to a different level with the night trek of Ramanagara. This is the spot where rock climbing began and is a trending weekend escape from Bangalore. With the night trek, you can see the sun go down and the sky turns its colour to deep black embellished with twinkling stars.

There are many locales where one can go for a trek like Ramgiri. Where the blockbuster Sholay was shot or the SRS hills that are recognized for their Rappelling and rock-climbing activities.

3. Mekedatu

Mekedatu is one of the several serene spots to visit in Ramanagara. With the true meaning “goat’s leap” in Kannada. This locale highlights the confluence of Arkavati and Kaveri that is a pleasure to the eyes. The river runs through the gorge and the performance it spreads is just beautiful.

This abundant location is located at the border of Chamarajanagar and Ramanagara district. If you are watching for a getaway from the actual walls of Bangalore. Then this is the spot for you where you can obtain your “Nirvana”.

4. Sholay Shooting HillTop

The Sholay Shooting HillTop was formerly a sleepy village. Following two and a half years of shooting it absolutely earned a lot of importance. Placed 50 km apart from Bangalore. The hill was the retreat place for Gabbar and the rugged terrains made the region look like a distinct place for the robbers.

At the time of the shooting, artists from various corners came here as the hill was a great spot for rock climbing. After the late ’70s, this hilltop became one of the best places to see.

5. Silk Cocoon Market

Travel the uniqueness of Asia’s largest cocoon market Ramanagara Silk Cocoon Market. Which is found 40 km away from Bangalore. To your surprise, in this market, approximately 50,000 kg of the cocoon is traded every day and all of it is freshly planted by the farmers.

This is one of the various revered tourist spots in Ramanagara that sprawls over 2 acres. At this market, you can also shop the traditional silk artworks as it has several silk industries. Here you can buy the silks arts, get a tour to the silk industries, or lazily walk beyond the cocoon vendors.

6. Ramadevara Betta Hill

One of the common sought-after places to visit in Ramanagara is Ramadevara Betta Hill. which is located endlessly from the concrete jungles of Bangalore. The hill is nestled 3,000 feet over the ground and allows fantastic views of bountiful nature.

7. Janapada Loka

Take a glimpse into the folk experience at Janapada Loka. Which is one of the common interesting places to visit in Ramanagara. Usually, it is recognized as the “Folk Culture World”. This folk museum is located at the Bangalore Mysore Road and was formed back in the late 19th century.

The museum shows 5,000 different folk artefacts and is split into various segments. In each and every corner of the museum, there is a modification of Karnataka’s art and showcases the ancient collection of about three decades.

8. SRS Hills

Escape to the beautiful Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Betta hills. Which are famed for their difficult rock-climbing spots and Siddheshwar temple. On the whole hill, there are three temples. Specifically, Sri Revana Siddeshwara temple, Bheemeshwara, and Renukamba temple offer tranquil environs to the devotees.

This elegant cave temple is grasped on the notch of a monolithic stone hill and is encircled by the traces of natural wonders. Whether you are viewing for solace or wish to join a rock-climbing adventure on your trip, then this is the best pick.

9. Kanva Reservoir

Kanva Dam is a man-made lake that drags visitors from various corners. It is located amidst the dense thickets and is a reserve for bird watchers. Originally, it was built only as an irrigation process. But succeeding rolled up as a great tourist spot. The reservoir is made across the Kanava river which is a stream of the Kaveri River and is one of the most scenic spots of the region.

10. Arkavati River

The Arkavati river is one of the most wonderful places to see in Ramanagara. The stellar river moves across Karnataka and starts from the Nandi hills that increase its beauty even more.

Another striking characteristic of this river is that it is the principal source of water. It is formed up of three tributaries particularly Kumudavathi, Suvarnamukhi, and Vrishabhavathi.

11. Channapatna

Channapatna is recognized as the “town of toys”. This town is not just a trending hotspot in India. But has enlarged importance in the world for manufacturing creative and unusual wooden toys. Each one of them is elegantly formed out on wooden pieces. One can be viewed on the roads producing these beautiful masterpieces.

Several years back the art was about to die, but the Karnataka government served the local artisans and improve the art.

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