Maravanthe Travel – Best Places to Visit in Maravanthe

Maravanthe is a getaway that can be adequately explained as nature’s basket full of mesmerizing pictorial views. A lovely beach town with white sand-covered miles and miles beside the coast carries the beach a nickname of a Virgin Beach.
The sunset initiates the complete place tinted in the colour of sepia just out of a painter’s canvas. Studded with numerous areas of the excursion.
The town is decorated with an abrupt backdrop of Kodachadri Hills. While the Arabian Sea surrounds it from one side and Sauparnika River on the other side. With comfortable weather particularly during winters, you can visit the beach here. Go snorkelling or scuba diving or also go on a trek by using the safety app at Kodachadri Hills!

What is the best time to visit Maravanthe?

The beach town of Maravanthe undergoing hot and sticky summers. While the winter season is refreshing and assists as the best time to explore the secret and untouched treasures of the region. Seeming for the location-sharing app then this would be your correct choice. Therefore, the best time to be in Maravanthe is between September and March. Throughout the monsoon, the area holds moderate rainfall between June and August. However, if you are contemplating some water sports activities. The post-monsoon season is excellent for its particularly swimming, relaxing, and sunbathing.

Best Places to Visit in Maravanthe

1. Padukone

Padukone village is a diminutive village that is found in the Udupi district of Karnataka. The village is lovely and is enclosed by Bhatkal Taluk in the north region. Since the village is located near the Arabian Sea, the spirit of the village is stuffy many a times. The residents of the village address the local language Tulu.
The village gives a comfortable view of the water on all sides. The village is well equated by roads on the one hand. But another most basic mode of transport for the villagers as well as tourists is through a boat ride from the Souparnika River.

2. Maravanthe Beach

Placed only 12 km from the principal city of Kundapur. Maravanthe Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in the city of Karnataka. The shoreline of this peaceful beach. Runs beside the National Highway 17 (NH17) at a mere range of 100 meters. On one side, the gentle waves of the mesmerizing Arabian Sea clash at the shore of the Maravanthe beach. As you tend to the reverse side, the Kodachadri Hills form a stunning backdrop for the Sauparnika River that runs out to the shore of the beach. Each person attending the Maravanthe beach must observe the sunset.
Standing at this calm and unspoiled beach provides you with a pictorial view of the wondrous creations of nature. These are the best places to visit in maravanthe. Unending deep blue seas, serene and quietly moving rivers, and majestic mountains completing the whole scenery. It administers a kind of choices varying from lying down in the sun for the lazy ones to scuba diving. Experiencing the aquatic life for water lovers. Since the waves are not very powerful, one can likewise go swimming.

3. Scuba Diving/Snorkeling

If you are on a courageous spree, do not miss out on scuba diving and snorkelling at Maravanthe beach.
Boating cruise at River Sauparnika, Maravanthe Overview
In a town where beaches and rivers run likeness, a journey is hard to miss. Get on this one, for some of the various memorable adventures of your trip.

4. Ottinere

A modern getaway found on the National Highway near the Barndoor Village. Ottenere is largely known for its entrancing sunset scene. Kshitija Nesara Dhama is the central appeal here. It is a famous beach that draws visitors for its tranquillity and hidden nature.

5. Kodachadri Hills

Kodachadri Hills accommodates as a remarkable backdrop of hedge forests to the town of Maravanthe. Placed in the Western Ghats at a height of 4411 feet over sea level amidst Karnataka’s Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. They also demonstrate to be one of the great trekking trails, starting at the South Kanara Forest.
Initiates or trekking newbies can simply undertake this trek. Since the most maximum of speed covers a forest landscape amidst moderate altitudes. The risks of altitude sickness are low as well. The entire distance is 14 kilometres to and fro.

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