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Kasol Travel – 6 Best Places to Visit in Kasol

Kasol is a charming small village in Himachal situated accompanying the banks of the river Parvati. Generally remembered as the Amsterdam of India. Kasol is a traveler fascination that is quickly increasing fame as a successful hub. For trekkers, backpackers, and nature lovers. Kasol has located 23 km from Bhuntar and near to the religious town of Manikaran. Also, is one of the most cherished places in the country. Just to sit back and chill in the view of snow-clad mountains, pine trees, and a gurgling river. The travel app that provides real-time location alerts and tracking service for family, kids, and close friends.

Kasol is notable for its trekking trails, which accommodate treks over Kheerganga, Yanker Pass, Sar Pass, and Pin Parbati Pass. To obtain an original feel of the culture in this region, go on a holiday to the village of Malana. Found fewer kilometers apart from Kasol. Malana is a small hamlet occupied by people being in self-imposed isolation. Kasol is occupied by a large number of people from Israel. Begin organizing your trip by following the best safety app.

Best time to visit Kasol?

The season from October to June is the most excellent time to visit Kasol as the climate remains pleasant. Moreover, Kasol practices good weather throughout the year, the perfect time to go for trekking nearby is from March to May. Seeming for the Family safety app then this would be your suitable choice.

Best Places to Visit in Kasol

1. Parvati River

Parvati River reaches within the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh and is a crucial part of this beautiful region. The thundering river begins from the Man Talai Glacier, moving north within Parvati Valley and ultimately flowing into the Beas River near Kulu. The Parvati River is surely the topmost attraction place in Kasol. Following the flow is besides risky to enable any adventure activities, you can just sit on the rocks by the Parvati River and be mesmerized by the rumbling sounds, going back the din of daily, if not forever, at most limited for some time.

2. Sar Pass Trek

Enriched with several terrains and deep in nature’s beauty, Sar Pass Trek is an excellent trek destination for beginners. Steeped under remarkable beauty, the path passes by thick forests, lush green meadows, rustic villages, and snow-clad mountains gracing the backdrop.

Allotting a change of experiences for trekkers, Sar Pass Trek, nestled in the extreme lands of Parvati Valley, is complete with excitement and adventure. The trek commences from Kasol, heaven for trek lovers from all around the globe. The city is attractive and allows all kinds of accommodation from budget hotels to high-end places and loads of delicious food-serving restaurants. If you are seeming for something thrilling yet easy, Sar Pass Trek is a perfect destination to start your trek expedition.

3. Pin Parvati Pass

Pin Parvati Pass works as a perfect destination for trekkers exploring challenging adventures. It is one of a marvelous Trans Himalayan trek that will not simply leave spellbound by its excellence but further gushing with adrenaline with the challenges it throws at you.

Including an impressive trail of approximately 110 km, the excitement it presents is virtually unending. The walk within the thick forests of the Great Himalayan National Park is likewise a big challenge even for an experienced trekker. However, no matter what the number of challenges it offers. The Pin Parvati Pass trek is interesting enough to make it one of the most extensive sought-after Himalayan Pass treks at great altitudes.

4. Manikaran Sahib Tourism

Manikaran is remembered as a famous trip address for both Sikhs and Hindus. A large number of temples, Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib, and hot springs drag pilgrims and tourists alike.

There exist three hot springs where one can exercise a bath, one living inside the Gurudwara itself, and the extra two existing privatized by the guesthouses. Separate sections for men and women are offered at the bathing place. The water in these sources contains sulfur which is competent for curing diseases. The water is hot just to make food by instantly placing the containers and is served as langar.

5. Tosh

Popular for its cannabis plantations, the tranquil village of Tosh is simply another example of the unique natural beauty that Himachal Pradesh holds within its bounds. With its regular area and the waters of river Parvati passing through its bosom. The hippie culture and mysterious vibe of this village will definitely transport you to another world.

Tosh becomes migrated villages beyond the lush green hills compared against snow-dusted peaks. Here you can encounter the bounty of nature in all its glory, connected with some natural as well as strange experiences. This address is very usually thronged by visitors from other countries, and you can communicate with them and experience their food at local eateries as well. This is the best place to visit in Kasol.

Tosh has grown quite popular in modern years due to its closeness to the famous hippie town. It is prevalent among backpackers who are resembling an escape from the humdrum of their turbulent life. People usually throng here to practice yoga and meditation in the pure, fresh air and friendly surroundings.

6. Kheerganga Trek

Kheer Ganga rests at the extreme end of Parvati valley and the last frustrated village while trekking to close valley via Pin-Parvati pass. Kheerganga’s panoramic atmospheres and vast greenery are much-needed happiness to the trekker’s eyes and particularly the tired legs.

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