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Kasauli Travel – 8 Best Places to Visit in Kasauli

Kasauli is a wonderful, charming town and cantonment, located in the region of Solan, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Also, though there are a lot of different attractions in Kasauli, it is principally recognized for its scenic beauty and serenity. Commence organizing your trip by practicing the Travel app.

Despite Kasauli is a little town, it has several magnificent places to visit, which has given it a famous tourist destination. Resembling for the best location-sharing app then this would be your accurate choice.

Since the town is found in the foothills of the Himalayas, it undergoes a pretty cool to humid climate during the year.  The town has numerous comfortable hotels and lodges that vary from reasonably priced to luxury accommodations, depending on the resources and requirements of the visitors. This is one of the best tourist attractions to visit.

What is the best time to visit Kasauli?

Kasauli, a pleasant small town in Himachal Pradesh sees several sightseers around throughout the year. Though the winters within December and January are fantastic, the other winter months are very comfortable. The summer season is the common favored one for tourists as the climate continues thoughtfully cold while monsoons are the best for adventure activities. No matter which month travelers want to visit, they are assumed to be controlled by its beauty and charm.

Best places to visit in Kasauli

1. Monkey Point

Kasauli’s Monkey point is the most leading point of the town and is one of the numerous famous charms of the place. Placed at a small distance of 4 kilometers from the bus stand. This destination has a little temple devoted to Lord Hanuman that lives crowded with monkeys. Being the most important point of the town. The Monkey point gives a bird’s eye view of the nearby towns. This is the best place to visit in Kasauli. On a sunny day, visitors can additionally spot a snow-covered peak of ‘Choor Chandni’, the most leading peak of the Lower Himalayan region.

Local legend dictates that while getting the Sanjeevani herb for Laxman, Lord Hanuman’s foot attained this spot. You would be shocked to see that the height of the hill is formed like a foot and the temple is supposed to be fixed with footmarks of the Lord. “Tapp’s Nose” was the name assigned to this unique shape of the rock.

2. Mall Road

This is a much-loved allowance to the differently quiet Kasauli. For a little town that it is, the mall road gives favorable options for shopping and eating out.

While the greatest maximum regions in Kasauli are off-beat, one must not miss this interesting hustle-bustle of the town. The market is at its active best through fresh evenings and an evening stroll here is extremely recommended.

3. Christ (Anglican) Church

Found in the center of the city with a lively mall road throughout it, this church is a famous tourist spot. It was built in the year 1853 and was built with the beauty of the Gothic style of architecture.

This church has wonderful Italian and Spanish stained glass windows representing Christ, Mary, Saint Barnabas, and Saint Francis and is a beautiful building to look at. A surprisingly calm and quiet place to be, this is a must-visit for all travelers coming here.

4. Timber Trail

Timber Trail in the city of Kasauli is a peaceful little hill station hidden in the quiet charms of Himachal Pradesh. The destination is emerald excellence with its numerous pine and coniferous trees. Perhaps the common sought-after destination around Kasauli’s Parwanoo. Well inside the bounds of the city and apart from it still, this place is the ideal place for the ones who are watching for peace within the hustle-bustle of the town.

The scene from the ends of the Timber Trail is breathtaking in every aspect. This place is famous for its ropeway rides, which are a breathtaking experience. Driving through the mountain ways while encompassed by the unbelievable natural beauty is a delightful experience. The wide gorges right below the ropeway will provide you an unimaginable adrenaline rush without even leaving your feet!

5. Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak Ji

This Gurudwara is an essential religious center as strong as a popular tourist spot. Other than regular prayers and programs, a unique program is contained on Sundays. The Gurudwara additionally allows accommodation facilities

6. Sri Baba Balak Nath Temple

This temple is devoted to Baba Balak Nath, an enthusiastic follower of Lord Shiva. It is found 3 km apart from Kasauli and can be quickly reached by bus or taxi. The belief encompassing this temple is that if childless couples come and appeal here, they will be granted, children.

7. Gilbert Trail

Gilbert Trail is an obvious journey of 1.5 kilometers. Originating from Kasauli Club, the trail terminates at the Air Force Station, adjacent to Sunset Point. The path is full in the strat and gets tight after a while. Gilbert Tail is recognized for its designs and several species of birds.

8. Toy Train Ride

Start your holidays in Kasauli a scarce unique and mesmerizing by using the legacy toy train ride between the two stations of closeness. A toy train ride is one of the most immeasurable Kasauli things to do. The journey within the hill’s tunnels, oak & pine forests, gorges, and little hilly hamlets is a dreamy affair.

The toy train is a World Heritage as listed by UNESCO. This is a joy ride and one of the mesmerizing visitor tendencies in Kasauli.

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