Kanakapura Travel – Best Places to Visit in Kanakapura

Kanakapura is a town and the headquarters. A town in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka on the series of the Arkavathi river. The executive centre of the taluk of the related designation. Earlier referred to Bangalore Rural District. It was previously the largest constituency in the country. Kanakapura is a city tucked amidst luxuriant green forests and gurgling waterfalls in the state of Karnataka. This area is barely 55 km apart from Bengaluru. So, it is usually appreciated as a perfect getaway from the bustling city.

The fascinating history of the city is another reason why the largest tourists are history-buffs that Kanakapura regularly. Kanakapura is certainly one of the best addresses for having a comfortable holiday or a fun-filled vacation. Visit it by using a safety app.

The climate of Kanakapura is complete bliss for the tourists as it perpetually concerns with agreeable weather. If you need to enjoy Kanakapura to the most extensive you should attend the place through the monsoons.

What is Kanakapura famous?

Kanakapura is a little village found 50 km away from Bangalore in Ramanagar district. Since it exerts about 2 hours to reach this town, it performs for a perfect road trip with your family and friends. Formerly known as “Kaankaanhalli”, it is renowned for the production of silk and granite.
Cabs are simply obtainable on this route, or you can prefer to self-drive by using a location-sharing app.

Best Places to Visit in Kanakapura

1. Nature Adventure Camp

Planning to leave from Bangalore for a weekend. Packed with interesting fun-filled enterprises. Viewing for a place where your employees can bond over adventure activities? Look no more than Nature Adventure Camp. Placed around 60 kilometres from Bangalore. The camp is one of the safest places to enjoy an appealing retreat.

It is an excellent spot for adventure and nature lovers. The campsite has several activities in well-designed programs. That are customized to satisfy your wants and budget. It has free and outbound training amenities. That not only let you enjoy challenging yourself but more learn new survival skills. These involve familiarising you with experience effects techniques, first-aid, and CPR instruction.

2. Guhantara resort

The perfect break from the pressure of an employed life in the city. Guhantara Resort is one of the most immeasurable Kanakapura tourist places. This is one of its species underground resorts in India with the greatest of activities to hold you enthralled. Enjoy tunnel trekking, hiking, bike riding, paintball, zorbing, horse riding, and many more. Experience indoor sports like carom, chess, Zoro ball, and billiards. Relish rain dance here as you swing to the music by an active DJ.

The resort allows rooms like Cave Suites, Lithic Room, Primitive Room, etc. That aspect out onto the beautiful and green surroundings of Thottikallu waterfalls, forests, Brigade Meadows Bird Park, and a man-made lake. Relax at the in-house spa following a day of fun and outdoors. The resort has a completely functional fitness club and a huge cricket field.

3. Kabbaladurga

A place loved by a preponderance of local adventure enthusiasts. Kabbaladurga is an excellent Hill placed at a short distance of 20 km from Kanakapura. If you need to choose your vacation with an adrenaline-pumping activity. This has to be one of the largest sites to visit near Kanakapura. A 3 km long trail leads you to the head of this hillock. Where you can revel in the sweeping landscapes of the surrounding settlements. Since the trek is not challenging, beginners are further advised to give this adventure a try.
In addition to the cool breeze refreshing your senses. The appearance of the bright cityscape below the dark sky looks remarkable.

4. Chunchi Falls

Arranged aside a holiday to mesmerize your thoughts with the extraordinarily gorgeous sight of Chunchi Falls near Sangam. Found near the meeting point of Cauvery River and Kollidam River. These 50 feet tall cascade is counted among the most impressive Kanakapura tourist places. A long drive of 83 km within a scenic route from Bangalore will get you to this wonder of nature. This is one of the best places to visit in kanakapura.

Come here with your family and friends. Contribute some hours of pure happiness and enjoyment to the refreshing aura. Produced by the waterfall’s roar and fervour. For the various memorable picnic experience near Chunchi Falls. Visit the spot throughout monsoon season when the plunge is greater and the surroundings are vibrant.

5. Discovery Village

This award-winning resort is the most suitable place in Kanakapura. For restoring and revitalizing yourself amidst the excellence of nature and the excitement of exciting activities. Attempt overnight docking, abseiling, and kayaking here. There are lots of valley trails for hiking, spots for bird watching, rappelling, and cavern travel.

Choose a guided safari into the nearby Bannerghatta National Park to view wild animals. Enjoy food prepared with local and organic produce here and experience your stay in bamboo and wooden cottages. Gather about a bonfire as you stargaze and camp in the outdoors.

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