Women Safety

Why does location tracking is needed for women?

Women feel unsafe in this world. As there is a growth in women empowerment, there is also growth in crime against women. The generation is changing with updating the latest technology but losing humanity. Statistically proved that there is a drastic increase in the success rate of women’s education and women’s employment but a decrease in providing safety and security for them. People understood that safety precautions are to create awareness in the society. Most of the government and non-government bodies have succeeded in motivating women by creating awareness, but the same organizations have failed to provide safety and security for the women. Creating awareness about women’s safety is a part of success, but the other part is about the implementation and execution of safety measures. Finally, when it comes to safety, It’s just not the responsibility of any organization. It’s our responsibility to secure ourselves and keep us safe. It’s every individual women’s responsibility to take precautions to stay safe.

Safety and security is just a matter of time. How does a woman react when an incident occurs. What kind of safety measures does a woman take at that particular time? Safety measures and precautions create awareness, but using them at the time of the incident keeps yourself safe and confident. According to criminal records, most of the crime incidents happened not because of lacking safety measures, just because of time delay in utilizing those measures. As per psychology, it’s tough for every woman to react according to the incident. Hence, people themselves putting one step ahead to secure by keep tracking their loved ones.

RYF is a mobile application introduced by a leading software company called Sunlight IT. It helps to track your loved ones. This application provides a safety feature for women and Kids. Women’s family members or friends can monitor them while traveling from one place to another. They can feel more safety when their loved ones are tracking them. Physically they may not be with them, but mentally they are always along with their loved ones.

This app also provides an option to save their locations. The saving option helps a commuter to enter their destination easy, instead of again searching for their destination in the maps. The saving option helps to save various locations like Home, Office, Work, School, Relatives, Past visited locations, etc. Users can save the location details in the app and use it for future purposes.

RYF application provides many features to track and monitor your friends or family members. You and your family members or friends can install the RYF application in your smartphones and add the location details. Now your family members can view your current location in their app. Instead of calling you and disturbing while driving, they can monitor and locate you through the application. This tracking option is one of the best safety features for women who are traveling alone.

Not only while traveling during long-distance, but every woman can also use this application regularly in their daily life. This application is useful for a woman while coming from office late in the evening, while returning from a party, while attending interviews or exams in a new location, etc. Most of the female commuters have noticed that they feel insecure while traveling to a new place. They lose their confidence and feels nervous, keeping the new location in their mind. They cannot perform in the interviews, can’t feel comfortable in the parties, keep on running in their minds about safety and how they can reach home back. All these assumptions can be abolished and raise confidence only when they are aware that their family members are monitoring and tracking them.

RYF application also provides an option to chat with their friends and family members. This option helps a lot to communicate and stay in touch with their loved ones. A Woman can inform her family members about the time delay, location details, route direction information, other known persons whom she met, etc. This feature helps her to feel connected with the family members, and even family members can understand her comfort and concern. Chat option helps a woman when she is busy in some other works like interviews, exams, meetings, etc. Family members also can update her about the road closures, cab or bus facility information, etc. Instead of calling her and disturbing during busy times, family members can share the information through chat option and keep notified. She can view all the messages and notifications once she becomes free from her busy schedule and responds accordingly.

This application also provides a multi-location option. We can add multiple locations through this option. We can add our friends or other family member’s houses in between our starting point and end destination through this option. We also can add them to the app and keep them informed that our beloved one is traveling to a particular place that passes through your house. Everyone will get notified once the traveler reaches any of the multiple locations. This feature helps the family members to analyze the distance and time it takes her to reach home. The multi-location feature in the application is not just to notify or inform the other family members about our journey, but we feel responsible for our safety. This option helps to alert all the family members through notifications. Once the traveler reaches any of the added multiple locations, all the members in the application will receive a notification alert about the traveler. This feature will help a woman during tough times like vehicle breakdown, health issues, roadside nuisance, eve-teasing, etc. If any such incident occurs, a woman can update immediately through the app. It will send notification alert and update all the members so that the nearest person from the group can respond promptly to rescue her.

By using this app, We can help our loved ones in time during incidents. This approach provides the best option for women’s safety while traveling. Hence most of the women who have been using this application have appreciated Sunlight IT for launching this application.

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