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Safety for your kids, now it’s easy to monitor and track your kid’s school bus with RYF App

Safety for your kids. It’s easy to monitor and track your kid’s School bus.

RYF app comes with a safety feature for your kids. You can monitor your kid’s school bus from your mobile phone. You’ll receive notifications once the bus reaches the school, and again you’ll be notified once it starts from the school. It’s not only a safety feature but also you can save time by this app instead of calling the bus driver to know about the exact location.

Most of the parents are busy with their regular schedule, and they can’t find time to drop and pick up their kids from school. They’ll arrange a school bus or a private pick and drop vehicle for their kids. At the same time, parents want to track their children’s location. Parents are worried about their kid’s safety, whether the kids have reached the school or not. They also worried about the school bus while returning home, and want to monitor their return journey.

To monitor the school bus or a pickup and drop vehicle, We provide a mobile application called RYF APP. You can track the school bus or a pickup and drop the vehicle through this application and keep on monitoring your kids. Now, it’s easy for the parents to know the exact location of the school bus. They can stay at the pick point and be ready to board the bus. Parents can also track the bus until it reaches the school. This will saves the time and effort of the parents and bus drivers. This mobile application provides safety and relief for the parents.

RYF application will notify parents when the bus starts from the school. So the parents can analyze the duration of the school bus to reach the destination. This application solves the major problem of a parent to track and monitor their children while going and coming from school.

The safety feature of RYF mobile application is not only benefited the parents but also, the drivers and school admin. School admin who monitors all the school buses can also track their vehicles. This application helps school admin to prepare a report on the distance, time, and count of pickups to improve their services. School admins can also share the management about the Go RYF applications and its features so that they can get further approvals to improvise the services. School admins can pass the messages to the drivers through the chat option provided in the application. School admins can update the drivers through the chat option in the Go RYF application about the traffic, road closures, absent student, etc. By providing the updates through the Go RYF app, parents also can understand why the bus has taken an alternate route. Chat option through Go RYF applications gives a proper communication experience between the School admins, parents, and drivers.

This application is also useful for the bus drivers. Even drivers can share live updates through the chat option. He can share the time delay reason at a particular point and can give information for the other drivers. He can share if he comes across any problem with the children like a child’s health issue, any particular problem with the child, etc. He can share the bus break down or any technical issue related to the bus.

This application also provides a feature called multi-location alert. This option helps the parents and school admin to analyze and track the bus very accurately. This option will keep on notifying the parents and school admin about the next pickup point left out pickup’s and completed pickups.

Any working parents or parents with a busy schedule who are unable to pick and drop from the school doesn’t mean that they don’t care about their kids. Due to many other reasons, they couldn’t participate in their kid’s transportation to the school. But their minds and heart are always with their kids. They cant even concentrate on work till they receive the information that the kid has reached the school safely. Go RYF mobile application is introduced to help those parents and given them the experience of monitoring and tracking their loved kids till they reach the school or destination safely.

Providing a school bus facility will not end the responsibility of the school. It’s just a service provided by the school. It’s school management’s responsibility to take care of every child during pickup and drop. But, It’s very tough to monitor the buses or children who are away from the eye of school management. They only depend on bus drivers. There were no proper reports or proper information about the pickups, delays, route deviations, etc. There was a lag in communication, still unable to receive the complete information. Go RYF application is introduced to make transparency in communication between the parents, drivers, and school admins. Chat option in RYF mobile application helps all the three to share live updated and act accordingly.

There are various other features available in RYF mobile application which are useful for the kid’s safety. As we are aware that kids cannot act on the incident, so we have to monitor them and react accordingly.

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