Multi Destination

How does multi-locations helps your journey?

Most of them use location tracking applications while traveling for long distances. People mainly use location tracking applications for navigation, tracking, and safety purposes. The RYF application is specially developed for safety and tracking purposes. The RYF application is compatible with all kinds of smartphones. This application is not only to track your friends or family members but also to communicate and coordinate with the group of travelers.

The RYF application provides many features like Find your friend, Multi-destination tracking, Group chatting, etc. The multi-destination tracking feature in the RYF app helps to track a group of travelers.
This option helps if a group of people is traveling for long distances. Generally, group travelers face difficulties in knowing their friend’s locations. They want to know where exactly their friends are located and analyze the time to reach the end destination. The RYF Application is one of the best smartphone application to track your friends or family members without calling and disturbing them.

The multi-location destination feature helps travelers to create a group of travelers. They can add their destinations along with the multiple location destinations which they want to travel between their starting point and end destination. It helps other travelers to analyze their co-travelers visiting places and how long does it take for them to reach the end destination.

Install the RYF application in your smartphones. Create a group and add all the travelers. Mention your end destination location details in the app, also add if any multiple locations you would like to visit. While traveling for long distances, most of the travelers would like to take short breaks in their journey, or they’ll plan to visit multiple locations between their end destination.

For instance, if a group of friends has planned a long trip during the weekend. All of them are going to start from different places individually and meet at a hotel located somewhere in between their end destination. After having breakfast at the hotel, they planned to divide into two groups, and each group will pick up other friends. Finally, both groups have decided to meet at a restaurant by lunchtime. From there, they’ll travel together to reach the end destination. Just imagine how hectic it is to coordinate with each other. A lot of time gets consumed in getting connected with them. Keep on calling your friends will disturb them while driving and also wastes your time. All of them are confused to know where are the other team members located and how much time does it take for them to reach their first meeting point at the hotel. Think once, if the initial stage of the trip creates a huge ambiguous then how about the entire journey. To solve all the problems while traveling and track your friend’s location without disturbing them, Sunlight IT has introduced a powerful application in the android market. The powerful tracking application is called the RYF application, which is compatible with all android smartphones.

RYF application provides a feature called multi-location, which helps to track all your friend’s current locations. This application sends notifications to all group members. It notifies everyone about the other person’s location details. In the above case, once all the group members start from their houses individually, everyone will get notified about every person stating that he left the specific location. If one of the group members is going to reach the first meeting point, the app will send the notification alert to the other group members. The other group members will get notified, stating that a particular traveler has reached. Everyone in the group can monitor and track the other travelers through the RYF application without calling and disturbing them. This approach reduces the efforts and time of travelers. It also provides accurate information and proper communication to travelers. Not just for the persons who are traveling, but also for the persons who are waiting for their friends. Everyone can monitor all the travelers and analyze from their point of view. Travelers who have reached the first meeting point early can monitor other travelers in the app instead of calling them and disturbing them. This approach saves the time of the traveler while driving. Now everyone has reached the first meeting point, divided themselves into two groups according to their plan, and moved ahead to pick up the other friends. Everyone in the group will receive a notification stating that the travelers have left the first meeting point. In this way, the coordination between the travelers becomes easy and accurate.

RYF application also provides a group chat option. This option helps to communicate with their group. A traveler can inform the group members about the time delay, location info, route deviation information, road traffic, check posts, other updates, etc. This feature helps everyone feel connected with other members. Chat option helps a lot when a is busy in some other tasks like driving, interviews, exams, meetings, etc. Instead of calling and disturbing while driving, group members can share the information through chat option and keep notified. The traveler can view all the messages and notifications once he becomes free and responds accordingly. This option also helps a traveler to save time, fuel, efforts, etc. They can save time by avoiding the traffic route according to the group update. Group chat also helps a traveler to take suggestions about upcoming fuel stations, guidance on navigations, updates on route deviations, etc.

Both the features like Group chat and multi-location tracking of RYF application fulfill the need of a traveler successfully. Most of the travelers have appreciated Sunlight IT for launching the RYF application. RYF application is a mobile app that provides full-fledged features for a traveler. One mobile application serves all the needs of travelers. RYF application also has many other features like Find your friend, Multi-Location tracking, Emergency SOS, Group Chat, Save locations, etc. This application is not just for monitoring and tracking purposes but also for safety and security purposes. We also assure you that this application is not only for long-distance travelers, but also we can use it in our regular life.

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