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Fieldwork executives monitoring and task assigning tool

Go RYF mobile application provides many features useful for different fields. The multi-location feature helps the manager to monitor their ...

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Why does location tracking is needed for women?

Women feel unsafe in this world. As there is a growth in women empowerment, there is also growth in crime ...

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How does multi-locations helps your journey?

Most of them use location tracking applications while traveling for long distances. People mainly use location tracking applications for navigation, ...

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Safety for your kids, now it's easy to monitor and track your kid's school bus with RYF App

Safety for your kids. It's easy to monitor and track your kid's School bus. RYF app comes with a safety feature ...

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SOS Button

When you plan a trip, you also take safety precautions. As a safety measure. RYF app provides an SOS Button ...

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