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Receiving its name from the controlling deity the goddess Hasanamba alters to ‘smiling mother’. Hassan district is found 187 km from Bangalore. Recognized as the temple architecture capital of the state of Karnataka. The place marked its growth as a major seat of the Hoysala Empire. That controlled major parts of south India between the 10th and 14th centuries. Echoing the Hoysala architecture of the 12th century. There are several attractive places to visit in Hassan like the Hasanamba Temple and several Jain temples. Including a well-connected conveyor way. Hassan is much remembered for its old-world atmosphere which allows a surfeit of tourist attractions. Make a trip by using a family safety app to visit with family.

What is the best time to visit Hassan?

Unnecessary to say, Hassan is the go-to goal for travellers, history lovers, as well as interested souls. The best chance to visit Hassan is from June to February. Start planning your trip by using the location-sharing app.

What is a famous place in Hassan?

Following on the Hoysala architecture of the 12th century. Hassan is famous for a few things and there are several famous places to view like the immersed or floating church and various Jain temples.

Best Places to Visit in Hassan

1. Hasanamba Temple

A different temple that is barely open for two weeks during Diwali. Hasanamba Temple is devoted to the goddess Shakti. Devotees offer raw rice and light a lamp as an oblation. It is thought that the lamp holds burning and the rice never rots till the next time the temple’s doors open. The awe-inspiring architecture is a copy of the Hoysala’s faith in Jainism. At this temple, amazing paintings depict various mythological figures. Such as the picture of Ravana with nine heads playing the veena. Around 800 years old, this temple is one of the best places to visit in Hassan and should not be avoided.

2. Gorur Dam

Commonly recognized as Hemavathi Dam. Gorur Dam is one of the most valid places to visit in Hassan. Built-in 1979, it is built beyond the Hemavathi river for drinking, irrigation, and household chores purposes. You may additionally get a chance to sight many birds that visit the reservoir periodically. Comprising a distance of 2,810 square kilometres. Besides a length of 58.5 meters and a range of 4,692 meters. This reservoir has an entirety of six large radial spillway gates. A beautiful picnic spot, Gorur Dam is a famous tourist place in Hassan and fascinates tourists from all across the country.

3. Shettihalli Church

Assembled by French missionaries in the 1860s. This church is a wonderful example of Gothic architecture in India. Next, in the 1960s, the Shettihalli Rosary Church was immersed in water. This is why it’s additionally recognized as The Submerged Church or The Floating Church. To redirect the waters of the Hemavathi river, the Gorur storage was built. This occurred in several villages growing submerged in water, and so the villagers had to relocate, leaving this church. Now, the church is a sought-after picnic spot and role of Hassan’s tourism circuit. It draws many tourists every year when it is immersed in water through the monsoon season. When Shettihalli Rosary Church is halfway underwater, tourists can get a more intimate view via a coracle ride.

4. Lakshmi Devi Temple

Developed through the reign of the Hoysala Dynasty in the 12th century. Lakshmi Devi is a magnificent temple devoted to the goddess Lakshmi. This temple is created from soaprock in Hoysala-style architecture. The majestic temple decorated with inscriptions, sculptures, and intricate designs takes you back to the ancient era. A showstopper, the chatuskuta ancestries four shrines. If you are a history buff then you need to add this to your itinerary as it with the best places to visit in Hassan.

5. Maharaja Park

This is a lovely picnic spot for locals as well as tourists. Maharaja Park is a modern well-manicured park overlaid with a green layer of well-maintained grass. Filled with tall trees and touches of bushes. There are several large walkways. Additionally, there is more of a children’s playground. Assembling is one of the greatest spots to visit in Hassan for families.

6. Ishvara Temple

The overwhelming Ishvara Temple, which is placed in Arasikere in Hassan. This is a different architectural marvel from the Hoysala Dynasty. An 11th-century single shrine temple devoted to Shiva. It is largely known for its strong heritage and intricate architecture that brings several travellers from all over the state. You can observe the unique craftsmanship and difficulties of carving at this temple. That is not observed at any other Hoysala structure. As it with the most famous tourist tendencies to visit in Hassan. It drags numerous tourists, particularly history buffs.

7. Bhagwan Bahubali Statue

Established by Chamundaraya, the general of King Rajamalla of the Ganga dynasty. The Bhagwan Bahubali Statue is among the best tendencies to visit in Hassan. Also recognized as the Gomateshwara statue. The Monolith statue of Bahubali is a Jain deity that reaches a height of 17 meters. Huddled on the Vindhyagiri Hills, this accommodation is famous for its panoramic views. You can decide to take the road that heads to the shrine or climb the tracks on the hill. Formerly every 12 years, throughout the Mahamastakabhisheka festival. The statue is soaked in ghee, saffron, milk, and curd among other things, and Hassan is appreciated for its grand celebrations. The statue was granted the status of one of the Seven Wonders of India in 2005.

8. Kedareshwar Temple

Developed by a king of Hoysala, Veera Ballala II, in about 1220 CE. Kedareshwar Temple is a different gem of Hassan that is devoted to Shiva. Cradled on the banks of the river Narmada. The temple is formed from soaprock in the old Hoysala style. The sculptures and elaborate carvings represent the lives of the gods, Shiva and Vishnu. It is additionally one of the top traveller attractions to see in Hassan, notably for history buffs.

9. Bucesvara Temple

Developed by Buchiraja, a rich officer, to celebrate the inauguration of Veera Ballala II. Bucesvara Temple in Hassan is another one devoted to Shiva. Regularly known as Koravangala Temple. It begins back in the 12th century during the reign of the Hoysala Dynasty. One of the best tourist places to visit in Hassan, you will notice minute carvings on the soapstone structure.

10. Bisle Ghat And Forest Reserve

Bisle Ghat and Forest Reserve is a popular sanctuary in the Western Ghats. Established in Sakaleshpura Taluk in Hassan district. Covering a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is one of the greatest places to visit in Hassan to get a panoramic view of the neighbouring mountain ranges. The Bisle Ghat and Forest reserve act as a common corridor. That links the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary in the south and the Kukke Subrahmanya forest extent in the west.

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